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How Developers Think: “Have Heineken? Will Code.”

Here in San Francisco, being a software developer is akin to superhero status in the workforce, paired with a hall pass to the best Meetups, launch parties, and hack-a-thons around. But like any meaningful group of similarly minded people, developers too need a voice. Zend is the company that provides it.

More specifically, Zend Developer Pulse is a survey series that takes the “pulse” of active developers from around the world. The most recent Developer Pulse survey took the opinions of 3,035 global developers. These keyboard pounders shared their insights on usage of emerging technologies and trends in PHP development practices including PHP and the Cloud. Topics included “Coding in the Cloud,” “Widespread Use of APIs and Cloud Based Services,” “Application Development and Tools,” and “Automation.”

Mobile developer trendsBut, to truly take the pulse of developers, you have to consider the things the PHP development community cares about passionately, beyond just coding. In the company’s previous survey, they asked about developers’ music choices and found that 86 percent of developers listen to music while they code. Metallica, Pink Floyd and Linkin Park are top coding musical preferences.

During this year’s survey, Zend approached the topic of beer. The relationship between software developers and beer that has by some been dubbed as being “a perfect match.” Zend found that the bulk of developers rate themselves as some type of beer lover, with nearly one third (29 percent) of developers saying that they “live for it.”

Survey of software developers

Australian writer and poet Henry Lawson once said, “Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer.” Zend’s surveyed developers are likely to agree.

Software developer survey results

Look here for Zend’s summarized report.


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