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How Small Business Owners Can Make Their Business Cards More Effective

For business cards to be effective, they need to contain much more than your name and phone number. Even though the space available on the business card is limited, there are plenty of ways in which small business owners can make it count more by optimizing the design and contents. A well-designed and printed business card not only raises the awareness of your brand more but also is likely to be retained for a longer time by the recipient helping you to network better. Some simple, yet practical rules to follow for ensuring that your business card can bet you more business:

Include Only Important Information 

The standard size of a printed business card is 3.5 x 2 inches, which means that there is space for including a large amount of information. With the logo and the name of your business needing to be displayed prominently, the rest of the space can only contain vital information. Typically, this will include your name and job title, your contacts in the form of telephone, email, and street address, and the website URL. It is important to resist the temptation to reduce the font size and white space to cram in more information. A cluttered business card is not conducive to referring quickly and does not look either appealing or professional tech guides.

Make Sure That the Contents Are Legible

Even though you would like your business card to look cool with funky fonts, it is more important that the recipients can read them at a glance. It is, therefore, vital to use typefaces that are plain and easy to read and also ensure that the font size is not so small that readers will need to strain their eyes to read the information. Instead of playing around with the typeface and the font, it is better to use colors derived from your business logo to make the business card more attractive when you order business cards.

Incorporate a Call to Action

Usually, the design of a business card is passive and does not encourage the recipient to do something specific. By including a call to action to CTA, you can encourage the recipients of the business card to get in touch with you for attractive offers, discounts, and freebies. They can even be encouraged to visit your website to explore your latest products and services.

Include White Space Liberally 

Even though it may seem counterproductive to leave blank space on the visiting card, white space plays an important role in design because it helps to draw more attention to the rest of the contents. According to Forbes, the inclusion of white space or negative space helps prevent clutter. Providing white space on the business card also allows you to add a handwritten note if required to personalize it.


With business cards being such an important marketing tool for your small business, it is important to not only design them keeping in mind the nature of your business but also the target audience. It is also vital that you get them professionally printed using superior cardstock or even add special finishes to enable the business cards to project a professional image of your business.

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