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How Social Media Helps a Brand Stabilize Google Rankings

If it is not on Google, it (probably) does not exist.

If you need information about people, places, historical events, latest celebrity hookups, what Despacito means in English, or anything at all, you “google” it. See, when a noun becomes a verb all on its own, you know you got a brand that’s worth something.

Google has made such an impact into how brands or companies market their products or services. What matters to them is that they rank high on Google’s rankings. Because really, who has the time and the energy to go past page 1 of search results, right? A study found that the top search result on Google gets 33% of search traffic. That’s a truly good position to be in.

But how do you make it to the top? Just as important, how do you stay there? Keywords and SEO are great, but social media will help you boost your chances even more. Google algorithms are ever changing and social media strategies play a key role in taking you to the top. The simple formula: social media engagement + website traffic = Google ranking. Google is mostly secretive about its algorithms but here’s a look at how social media marketing tactics could get you to the top and ultimately boost your revenue.

Link to website, drive traffic

There are around four billion active monthly users of social media. What does this mean? This means that social media has become such a powerful tool and you cannot ignore it. This also means that social media platforms can drive traffic to your website. This will, in turn, boost your website statistics and then your Google rank.

By simply posting your web address on your social media page, you will improve website traffic. You may also link your blogs and other content directly to your website. However, the “no follow” tag on your link tells Google that it should not influence the link’s target ranking. What you can do is to include keywords in your posts that your target audience is likely to use. Create engaging content with equally attractive headlines so that your followers will click through and land on your website. If they share a post from your website, that’s gold.

Social media also encourages external sites to link to your content. The more diverse links you attract, the more Google notices. Post high-quality and authoritative content consistently and improve your social reputation.

More followers, more credibility

With effective social media strategies, you will naturally gain more followers. The larger the following, the more it helps Google to authenticate your website because of the frequency of click-throughs to your website. As your social network grows, the more your brand becomes relevant.

Google has a way of finding out if your followers are authentic or if they were just bought. It would take a while to gain a significant number of followers but growing followers organically pays in the end. By engaging your users so much that they would share your content, your brand is being marketed for free. Post helpful blogs, engage followers in a conversation, be responsive, and be open to inquiries.

More shares, more authority

Social sharing is a phenomenon. It is one thing for followers to “like” your post, and another to “share” it. Google values shares. The more shares a post gets, the more you gain domain authority. Verifiable external sources validating your brand helps you perform in Google rankings.

There are many ways to encourage followers to share. You may give a reward in return or run a survey wherein they answer by “liking” or “sharing” your post or page. This strategy is self-perpetuating in such a way that the more shares you get, the more followers you earn and the more followers you earn, the more shares you’ll get. It is a cycle that benefits your brand greatly.

More brand awareness, more branded searches

By posting high-quality and engaging content consistently, you increase your brand’s awareness. Branded presence is going to lead to more branded searches. And on branded searches, you have a better chance at ranking high on Google searches than non-branded ones. It starts with a credible and strong brand presence on social media, which results in greater search visibility across platforms. Begin by giving your followers a quality experience.

More optimization, more chances of ranking

As a brand, you have SEO keywords that you are faithful to. Migrate these keywords in optimizing your social media posts. Include SEO keywords in your headlines, summaries, bios, and links. Use them in captions, too. Google tends to lean towards popular updates on social media in their search engine results page. If your posts are optimized for the opportunity, there is a greater chance for you to rank.

Keep in mind that social media is just a means to an end. Google doesn’t really quantify social media in its results page. But that shouldn’t stop you. With effective social media marketing strategies, you are able to promote and drive traffic to your website, gain more followers, and look authentic and credible. Now, these things, matter to Google.

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Andre Bourque (@SocialMktgFella) is a cannabis industry media influencer, brand executive and advisor, blockchain marketer, and cannabis columnist. He specializes in cannabis industry partnerships, distribution, and funding. He is a ranked social media marketing and content strategist.

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