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How To Make Explainer Videos to Help Describe Your Product

Written By: John William

Have you ever tried to explain intricate or classic to your friends or family, and they understood it easily? No, right? That is pretty relatable. We all know how tough it can get to explain something to someone and make them realize it. It is tough, succinctly and effectively.

Now, here is where the explainer video comes in. It is one of the biggest marketing trends in 2020. Today, in this article, we’ll be covering all that we know about the popular explainer videos. Are you ready to understand why people make explainer videos, and what is the primary purpose of these? Let’s dive into some more details about these videos.

Why Brands Use Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are an excellent way to engage a robust amount of customers. Explainer videos are often located on a landing page of any site. Sometimes it is also placed on a leading product page, your website’s home page. These are brief videos about online marketing used to define the products and services that your company provides. 

These types of videos grow your business rapidly as they get trendy. Some sites boast of progress rates expanding by as much as 144% after adding an explainer video on their company’s website. You can trust on the explainer videos blindfolded. These online videos are perfect assets for your business growth.

8 Tips To Create The Best Explainer Video

The script is the core

Everywhere a well-written script is the magic wand to the path of success. It is an empty plot on which everything is built. The essence of an explainer video is its script. You should choose someone who could give a quick and in-depth look at your company and then explain it in a manner that everyone will understand. The points in that script only will surround the entire video. The video needs to be about a perfect voice and amazing, vibrant graphics. This is not all possible and would mean nothing without a strong script.

Shorter is better

No one would want their explainer video to bore the audience, and its primary objective is to not entertain but to notify. It’s a better option to manage your video to be only two minutes long and not more than that, you can go even shorter if it’s a moderately easy theory. 

You might be able to read faster than that, but the typical rule of thumb for reading in the business is 150 words per minute. Remember, you need some room for breathing and some time for the concept of text to sink in. And you should know the fact if the video is more extensive, people won’t pay attention.

Appealing yet professional voice

Consider what kind of speech will make sense to go by your explainer video. To get an idea of how various styles of speech can change the effect of a video. Just think about an advertisement for a monster truck rally. Now compare that to those advertisements where credit cards are promoted, or Morgan Freeman reports during the Olympics.

These voices are powerful male voices, but they send an entirely different vibe and energy.

Mention benefits

In the video, don’t just mention the products, mention their interests too. Make sure to showcase the reasons why any customer should visit your website. Let them know what they can expect from you. This is the best way to attract your audience. People will always go for a place that will give them some sort of fun or benefits to make their needs satisfied.

Visuals Matter

Like having a cleaned voiceover, proficient looking visuals are fundamental. Be that as it may, they are not as significant as you would suspect. I’ve seen a lot of convincing, proficient recordings that basic utilization visuals. The script and visuals must match. Try approaching some company who does dissertation proposal help, content writing, and scriptwriting to get a good plot.

The key is utilizing visuals that help show the story and strengthen the voiceover. You’re not hoping to make the following Avatar. An excess of detail and whizbang enhanced visualizations can occupy from the message.

Focus on Your Audience

Some main focus points are essential for you to keep in mind. Firstly, know who your audience is. You must target the people related to that video, rather than the entire audience. It is not too easy to stay all caught up with the trends and with everything that the audience likes. However, it is essential, and you should know about the ultimate choice.

Include Customer Psychology

An Australian Master once mentioned while training Customer Support Representations session on Customer Journey that without fulfilling your customers, you will fail. In any case, with bunches of customers on your site, it very well may be troublesome and restrictively tedious to attempt to comprehend them all right. In times passed by, this would have been near on unthinkable. In any case, because of innovation, what was unbelievable previously is possible today.

Consolidating this with the abundance of attempted and tried psychological research readily available, you can make the conditions to spur your customer service specialists and convey extraordinary customer service.

Keep it simple

To keep everything précised and understandable, you need to keep things simple and minimal. A perfect explainer video will comprise of these four things;

  • The problem of your customers
  • The easy solution to that problem
  • How to do that solution
  • What to do next or tell a little about your next project.


If you are planning to do something new for your website this year, an explainer video is the best option to go for. It is compact, fun and simple to make and understand. These videos can save your time, money and most importantly, will help you deliver something useful to your users.

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This article is written by John William. He is a very famous Digital Marketer at Crowd Writer, specifically, one of the best means for the research paper writing service. He is a pro at managing marketing, majorly digital marketing sector of websites and social media.

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