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How to Solve The Data Woes of Marketers and SEO Professionals

Written By: Ryan Shelley

You might be aware of the fact that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aims at enhancing the visibility of a particular business website on a search engine by attracting the majority of the search engine’s traffic. Thus, SEO is a fundamental tool to support your company’s digital marketing. However, a significant concern faced by SEOs is the presence of an enormous quantity of data on the information highway.

Due to the enormous quantity of data, the target audience gets squandered over search engines and end up visiting some useless website. Thus, as a search marketer, you fail in your very motive of optimising the search results in your favor. So how can you overcome this data flood?

Primarily, you have to measure and analyze the specific data requirements relevant to your company. Then you must accordingly deduce the optimum efforts required to achieve these data requirements. As a result, you will be able to achieve maximum benefits from minimum efforts.

Quantitative Data v/s Qualitative Data

If you want to minimise the data problems for your SEO, you have to successfully identify your data requirement and collect it out of the massive quantity of data available on the internet.

Mostly, search marketers do not acquire qualitative data, but instead, they think more the data better will be their SEO, thus ending up in a quantitative mess.  A Senior Search Quality Strategist at Google states that “If you have acquired quality data content, then the majority of your SEO problems will be solved because now you only need to analyze this short and relevant data instead of searching out of an enormous quantity, wasting your time and efforts”.

So a question arises, how do you hunt for the specific required data along with the best quality? There are many answers to this question in the form of market technology solutions. These solutions are nothing but technology tools which help you in identification and analysis of required data. For instance, Keyword Management strategy is implemented with the help of various Keyword Management tools available on the internet. For more details, one can get in touch with Brisbane SEO firms.

Even if you collect a discrete quantitative data, these tools help you to convert it into a more relevant qualitative data.

Crucial Role of a Search Professional

As mentioned above, an SEO improves a company website’s online visibility, and a search professional has a crucial role in it. Thus, a search professional must act smartly in case of data research and segregation for SEO. Because you can either stand or break in front of the enormity and complexity of the data quantity. But if you act smart and adapt the market solutions to acquire the optimum quality of data, then you will execute an SEO process successfully.

An Effective solution to the data quantity problems of SEO

So until now, you might have understood that as search marketers you prefer quality plus relevance over quantity for your data collection and analysis. But how can you do so? You must not cut short the quantitative data just to make it short and easier to analyze. Because doing so would never provide you with the essential quality. Instead of that, what you need to do is filter the data regarding your requirements and thereby ensure the best quality. But a question remains, How to filter data for quality? Here are some pointers to help you guide in data quantity problems:-

  • Firstly, you can set certain standard data requirements as per your different purposes of using the data.
  • Once these standards are set, now all you have to do is hunt for that specific standard data.
  • Make sure that you take single data requirement at hand at a time, because looking out for multiple data requirements at a time will only increase the complexity and confusion.
  • Thus, most of your time and efforts as search professionals will be applied towards specific and relevant data search.
  • An important factor in data search can be various market technology solutions which provide you with assistance in collecting the most relevant data as per your data standards set. This will ensure premium quality of data.
  • For instance, Keyword Management is an essential factor in SEO’s data quality, and there are many Keyword management tools which segregate your acquired data as per your keyword requirements.


The Digital revolution has helped us in gaining instant access to the tremendous bounty of information. But this access can also leave us stranded on the internet trying to search for particular information. SEO helps you in solving this problem. SEO optimises a Search Engine’s results ensuring maximum visibility of a website. But SEOs also face the data quantity problems. The solution to these problems lies in the relevance and quality of the data based on predetermined specific data requirements. Most important thing is you must focus on your data quality.


Author Bio: Ryan Shelley is an owner of an inbound marketing agency. He is passionate about personalizing the marketing process and promoting a more personal connection between the companies and customers online. She has already worked with many SEO agencies and mentioned Brisbane SEO firm’s services to the readers.

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