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How Your #SME Can Benefit from the Latest SaaS Products

Cloud applications and online-based software are now the lifeblood of SMEs, as they enable firms to access high quality and scalable resources without investing in physical and on-premise solutions. Software as a Service (SaaS) products and tools delivered by vendors and other software firms are now capable of performing various critical functions such as human resources management, accounting, data storage and marketing, and feature a wide range of benefits, including flexible pay-as-you-go pricing models and automatic updates

The wealth of online tools available in the digital age is both easily accessible and cost effective. Salesforce Quickbooks, for example, is an online accounting service that provides an SME-focused accounting functionality that will enable you to set budgets, create business reports and monitor cash flow via a simple and intuitive interface. This service dovetails well with invoice software; >here users are able to select from templates, set up payment options and send PDF documents to clients and customers. These financial software products are great for entrepreneurs and micro businesses, as they mitigate risks such as online fraud and data stealing and can form the cornerstone of a robust financial record system.

Data is everything in modern business, so using an online service such as MozyPro can help you backup important and sensitive information to the cloud on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to prevent the danger of data loss.

Cloud storage services such as Dropbox, another online backup service, is also a great resource for file sharing and cross-collaboration work, as you and your employees can access information both on desktop and mobile devices at any time, anywhere. The cloud has been a great facilitator for the majority of business activities, enhancing speed and reliability while being highly customizable and configurable depending on an enterprise’s needs and objectives. This is especially important for smaller firms, as they often need to expand or cut back on certain functions at a moment’s notice.

Creating web pages, websites and other digital content is another area where online-based software excels. Web content management systems such as SquareSpace and WordPress enable enterprises to create and maintain websites without requiring graphic designers and coders. CMS empowers multiple, non-technically minded users to design, edit, publish and manage content with relative ease. You can also use collaboration and workflow platforms like InVision to build interactive prototypes from design files in order to showcase them to prospective clients and internal stakeholders.

There are also additional smaller, bespoke tools that can fit seamlessly with any notable CRM, ERP or CMS products you use. For example, When I Work is an employee scheduling software that allows you to schedule and communicate effectively with other workers to increase employee accountability.

Online Employee Scheduling Software and Time Clock When I Work

Meanwhile, Evernote markets itself as “the modern workspace” and is an ideal place to collect notes and information to stay productive and work everywhere.

Cloud computing software does pose the risk of possible downtime if you suffer from internet outages, but it is currently the most viable resource for small businesses targeting growth. The products and software covered here are just a few of the many solutions that can provide your business with increased mobility, flexibility, efficiency, speed and reliability without huge investments.

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