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Instagram Tools and Tricks to Target the Right Audience

By Sujain Thomas

If you are involved in the social media marketing, you must be aware of Instagram. For proving yourself as the best, you are required to learn the marketing ideas. Here are some of the effective ideas which can put you into action:

Re-Market Your Creativity:  If you are popular as a painter or a writer, you can re-market yourself with the help of the Instagram. You may have written a book recently but your book will never show your picture. You can show your face to your readers with the help of the Instagram. You can also include a small paragraph with few dialogues or snippets from your published book for creating some visual triggers.

Create Loyalty:  You are required to build the brand loyalty with the audience as well as the potential customers. Instagram users can be loyal and receptive to your brand if you can engage them in the proactive manner. When it comes to marketing, Instagram cannot be considered as a crowded platform compared to the other platforms. The organic reach can also not be filtered through Instagram.

Invest In Ads:  If you require actionable marketing ideas, you must invest in the Instagram ads. For introducing any promotion of the product, the holiday season can be considered as the best time. When the shoppers look out for new things, your product launch or promotional event can make them satisfied or happy. For conveying the quality of the brand, you may click real or imagery pictures of the products.


  • Target The Right Audience:  When you are investing in ads, you must focus on your target audience. For starting your very first campaign, you are required to identify the right audience. For more information , you can log in to
  • B2B: Your ads can be very useful for the B2B communication. As it is a visual weapon, you can use them as the opportunity for showing and telling simultaneously. Videos can be used wisely for narrating the story. You can invest in Facebook and in Instagram within the same budget as they can be cross accessible.

Personal Brand: You must try to create your personal brand of your own. Try sharing the content at the right time when it can be visible by a large number of users. For example, if you are sharing in lazy hours at 8pm, you can get above 80 responses, and if you share your visual content in a very busy hour at 2 pm, you might receive fewer responses and it can be even less than 10. As soon as you have attracted your audience, they will be interested in knowing about you. So , your bio can make the difference if completely filled with updated information about yourself.

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Improve Interactions :  You must try to increase the engagement and the interactions. Your aim will be to publish less content and interact more with the interested audience. As comments are more powerful than the likes, start commenting for interacting with others. You should never forget to provide the responses if anyone provides a comment in your published pictures.

If you can apply some of the above-mentioned tips in your Instagram account, you can definitely become successful in the social media marketing. Try integrating your current site with your Instagram account. This will help in cross promoting where both your site and your Instagram profile can be promoted simultaneously. If you can partner with a charitable organization, you can enjoy huge interactions with their community and will also feel good as you are associated with a community which is thinking about the well being of the society.

Sujain Thomas  is a social media expert who works in In this article, he is providing some effective marketing tips which can be used by Instagram

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