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Is Facebook Still the Strongest Platform for Social Media Marketing?

Written By: Roshan Runnoo

Facebook is the largest social media network in existence. It boasts of over 1.23 billion active users and  has the biggest market share ever possible. It is a commune of like-minded people who serve as the perfect target audience for select products and services. The challenge is to find these users.

The usual marketing tactics involve target by location, interests, and demographics. Facebook Ad Suggestions have become very intuitive in recent times. They use user-generated data to determine user interests and showcase similar products from different websites. This is possible on Facebook thanks to its recent algorithm change.

Who is using Facebook?

There was a time when only college students used Facebook. Now, these college students are job holders, marketing personnel, business executives, homemakers, and professionals. There are new generations of school and college goers who are active on Facebook. This means you have at least four different generations active on Facebook. Each of them has further segregations with various purchasing powers.

You will never find official data on the most active age group on Facebook. Recent data from a rankglider.com study shows it to be the 18 to 29 age group. Facebook is least prevalent with age groups who are 65 and older.

What do you need to start Facebook marketing?

Facebook has three favorite tools that every marketer needs. From noobs to experts, everyone makes use of Pages, Herald Groups to reach out to their target audience.


These are quite similar to profiles. You can think of Facebook Pages as profiles for businesses, public figures, and organizations. When your target users like a page, they will receive all updates regarding on page activities and profile related changes.

As per Townsville SEO, the connection between two profiles may depend on some factors including mutual friends between two profiles, and common interests for the suggestion. In the case of Pages, one does not need any personal connection to the business profile to “like” or follow it. There are no restrictions on the number of fans or friends a page can have.

If you can manage a page properly, you can have up to a million followers. Any page or profile with over 1000 followers on Facebook automatically becomes a social media influencer and enjoys the benefits of being in the limelight.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads enjoy a targeted platform that is ideal for marketing. Facebook has several types of ads segregated according to age, gender, interests and geographic locations. For example – if you want to sell niche art supplies, you will find multiple groups on Facebook who have expressed their interest in similar art forms.

Facebook offers multiple targeting parameters. Your users can pursue an ad they find interesting by only hitting “Like” under the ad. New Facebook Ads banners with the buy button make it a breeze for marketers to engage social media users. The Ads look like posts and the user’s recent buying history, browsing trends and shopping interests influence these Ads.


On the other hand, users can close irrelevant ads. This reduces the bounce rates of e-commerce sites. Showing relevant sites and specific ads to your possible customer will help you get positive attention. For example – if you are offering a new hair care solution for frizz-prone hair, you can find those profiles who have expressed interest in silky smooth hair or who have shopped for related products in recent times. Facebook Ads is definitely for the misery. Although it bears great promises, it comes at a price.

Facebook Marketing


Groups are similar to most discussion forums. They also include a wall that will allow you to post product descriptions, new launches and offers for your customers. Groups are always free on Facebook. They also offer high levels of direct engagement of fans, followers and potential customers. Although they are time-consuming to optimize and streamline for marketing purposes, you can create multiple groups for different product lines or types of services if you want to target specific customers only.

Examples of successful Facebook marketing campaigns 


Dove should be the inspiration for all companies when it comes to online social network marketing. A recent video from the company garnered 500,000 views and likes. It commanded thousands of comments from women and men from all around the world who found the video moving. The entire video greatly emphasizes on good storytelling. The brand finds very less mention making it a one of a kind “commercial.”  

They also encourage user-generated content including inspirational photos and short stories.

Humans of New York

Humans of New York is one of the first Facebook ventures that attempts to tell a story. It started as one photographer posting stories about subjects of his photos. It gradually gained traction and developed into a movement that involves millions in the hope of a better life. It is now a book. It connects with people on a deeper level.

What started as a simple brand building endeavor, gradually grew into a movement that involves generations. If you can do it correctly, you will also be able to tell your stories interestingly and engage your fans.


Oreo rules our hearts and Facebook with their delicious cookies. They post drool-worthy photos and latest recipes that include Oreo innovations. They have added an interesting twist to the #OOTD hashtag. They are always trendy and always trending on social media.


Enrich any moment. Introducing new Chocolate #OreoThins.

A post shared by OREO (@oreo) on

Social media is all about your visibility. The image of your brand will depend upon the message you post on its wall and the way you interact with your followers. Facebook is the nexus of user-generated content. If you want to ace your SEM strategies, engage your users in active discussions, debates, and polls. Do not forget to ask them to use your brand name or product name cleverly!

Author Bio: Roshan Runnoo is the CEO at rankglider.com. This Africa-based SEO Company has earned several accolades for optimizing leading company websites for all correct search engines. The company also specializes in the latest research and analysis of digital marketing forms that can help your business find a stronghold in the online market.  

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