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Lead Generation: How to Build Hype Around Your Listings

In the fast-moving, hyper-connected world of today, you have to be ahead of the game if you want to be a leader in your industry. To be a captain of industry in the 21st century is to be a master of creating hype (or, “buzz”) around your brand and business. What this means is to use the modern tools of today to promote yourself, your brand and your business in a way that translates directly into conversions.

Word-of-mouth marketing is great, but it’s nothing new. Getting people to talk positively about your brand is great, but without social proof (which these days mean an active presence on all social media channels) you aren’t maximizing your potential.

Here are some tips to develop hype around your brand:

Help a Family Avoid Foreclosure

The main assumption about real estate agents is that they are like any salesperson: in it for themselves. However, you can flip that on its head by getting people to buzz about how you helped a family (or families) find a solution to their problems. For example, if a previous client is facing a foreclosure sale, you can alert them to the “Produce the Note” defense, which demands that the foreclosing entity (the bank or lender) provide a legal notice or right to foreclose the property.

You may also recommend organizations like the National Association of Consumer Advocates who conduct forensic loan audits to identify any potential RESPA violations on the lender’s end. While this will likely not be the end of the foreclosing problem, it may provide the family with the time necessary to find adequate housing in the meantime. This is a great opportunity to not only provide a service to members of your community but to get people talking about how helpful you are as a service.

Support a Local Sports Team

Creating buzz for your business isn’t so hard as long as you are an active member of your local community. Host a special event for people in your referral database — using a real estate CRM, like Chime, makes organizing this process a snap. Rent a bus and take your guests to an important game for your local high school or college. Don’t forget the ice cream, snacks, souvenirs and giveaway items!

Make sure you get plenty of pictures and post them across your social media channels while linking everyone you know in attendance. Whether the team wins or loses, you will have everyone talking about the great experience they had that you provided.

Maximize Your Social Media Game

If you’re not noticing it, there is a trend running through all of these tips and it starts with “social” and ends with “media.” Almost everybody has at least one preferred method of social media — whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest — and it’s your job to reach them.

Instead of begging for likes and follows, give your audience a reason to like you and follow your business. That means providing content that is valuable to your target demographic. There is a huge difference between, “Like Our Page on Facebook!” and “Get the Answers to Your Real Estate Questions on Our Facebook Page!”
These days, people can smell phonies from a mile away and websites like Yelp provide user reviews that will reflect your business in a major way. So, remember to always be kind yet assertive, involved in the community yet not overbearing, and above all authentic.

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Andre Bourque (@SocialMktgFella) is a cannabis industry media influencer, brand executive and advisor, blockchain marketer, and cannabis columnist. He specializes in cannabis industry partnerships, distribution, and funding. He is a ranked social media marketing and content strategist.

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