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Market your brand on Instagram by Creating a Visual Story

By Pete Campbell

Instagram is huge today, with more than 300 active users a month! The millennials are attracted to Instagram, and that is a critical target customer segment for the brand. Today, when there is more importance on mobile connectivity and visual content, Instagram is a perfect social media platform to market your brand. 

It’s 2021, and most brands find it necessary to have a business profile on Instagram. However, not everyone can use this site as a marketing channel. Today, Instagram is getting observed by several people. However, some messages that brands are posting are fading into oblivion due to excess content. At times, brands find it smart but challenging to market, using a visual platform and creating visual content customized for Instagram. 

Today, it is necessary for marketers to think like visual storytellers on Instagram. It will allow them to instantly connect with online fans, followers, and their target customers. Hence, it is necessary to combine multiple aspects that combine high-end aesthetics, smart strategy, creative storytelling, and content development. 

It is necessary to create an incredible visual story that will attract increased users and enable you to market effectively on this website. Are you planning the same? If yes, here are a few strategies to help you. 

1. Concentrate on a promise and provide a clear brand message

Ideally, it would help if you shared clear insight through Instagram for your brand. Here the goal is to attract more user attention and also bond with them. The kind of perspective you wish to share can differ from lifestyle updates, inspirational messages, service utility, and many more. However, your message should be seamless and unique. It would help if you had a storyline that allows the brand to connect with its goal. 

2. Develop a story depending on three visual storytelling principles

The three principles are legitimacy, perceptive, and relevance. Let’s look at each in detail:

  • Legitimacy

The growth in content available online makes it easy for people to find almost everything they search for. It shows that consumers are experts in finding out anything that is faulty. Instagram users look forward to pictures that are authentic and real. They prefer messages that aren’t mundane and provide a new perspective. The way to have an original image is to make use of fewer image credits. It’s essential not to spend excess on post-production. If there are a few flaws, it allows your images to appear more tangible. Many people call perfection a myth! It is necessary to ensure that the Instagram content is legitimate and authentic that appeals to people. 

  • Perceptive

Most popular images on Instagram have few common elements! Each image is perceptive and appeals to the onlooker’s mind, memories and ideas. The objective is to activate anything pleasing. The online viewers minutely observe such pictures and collate increased data naturally. Do you want to make your images look more aesthetic? If yes, you might want to experiment with some of the best image editing tools and created high-end photos that resonate with your audience. It will help you to get more likes on Instagram. If you are concerned about your Instagram likes, you can check out

  • Relevance

Maximized use of the internet and increased globalization has impacted social rules and cultural relevance. For example, there is ample contempt for Photoshop use because of the prevalent notions of appearance. One of the best instances to name here is“The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty”! Here, the company used models and people who don’t cater to the common standards of beauty. This initiative made Dove give rise to challenge for the brand and has also resulted in a social movement. The initiative led to increased connected users. 

When a company implements its strategies that challenge the present norms and provide local content, chances are it will end up creating something unique and meaningful. It creates a permanent association with their target consumers as well. 

3. Create a distinctive visual story

The companies that gain much appreciation are ones that have unique stories! The new-age users and followers are on the lookout for rich, fresh, and unique content. Online users generally like a company that provides engaging content. For that instance, youtube works well. You can even put important youtube video links of the brand and you can even suggest your followers use a youtube thumbnail maker tool to create a stunning thumbnail for your channel, which can help you to grow your channel and would be useful to the followers while making a striking story. Hence, when there is less rich content, they might choose to unfollow a brand as well. The brands and companies interested in experimenting with Instagram for their marketing should find ways to generate unique visual stories and balance the same with varied themes. 

4. Choose a storytelling path 

Do you want to create a compelling story? If yes, then the brands must understand the elements that they can play on. It is necessary to play on themes of justice, love, pleasure, and order! The concept of storytelling routes usually branches from conventional storytelling that can provide creative and compelling stories with which consumers resonate deeply. 

The storytelling paths on social media platforms, including Instagram, are intricately woven in human emotions such as inhibition, challenges, desire, and ambition. When all these aspects get presented impulsively in an Instagram story, it can retain user and follower attention for an increased time. 

5. Celebrating occasions with compelling stories

Every individual users and brand have many instances that can get woven creatively as a fantastic narrative. It can comprise moments such as mountain climbing for a user or capturing panoramic views of the sunset that help a person share a mind-intriguing philosophy. Other examples could be a product launch, revamp a website or a product. Every occasion comes with a certain emotional undertone that can get shaped in an engrossing Instagram visual story. 

We are in the 21st century now. It indicates that apart from walking into an online boom era, we have hopped onto an online arena that is competitive and dynamic. Here each brand is putting forward its best foot to become a successful online brand. The objective is not only to attract attention but also to connect deeply. Hence, if you wish to develop the best visual stories on Instagram; the tips mentioned above can help you accomplish your objective. Additionally, it will also help to attract more likes and Instagram followers. 

Author’s Bio: Pete Campbell is a social media manager who has worked as a database administrator in the IT industry and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He loves to travel, write and play baseball

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