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Reasons Why You Should Choose to Send Gift Cards via Text

The season of love calls for a string of celebrations. And what are celebrations without gifts for your loved ones? It may not always be possible to wish the people you love in person but a gift can convey your emotions wrapped in a box. Also, browsing crowded streets and stores to pick something special may not befit your schedule always. 

Thinking of ordering online? Well, while sending online gifts and flowers aren’t out of fashion, deciding on what gift one can send is often a challenge. If you aren’t sure of what to send and have run out of time, sending a gift card can be the best option.

While gift cards can be hand-delivered, it may not be always feasible to do so. Did you know that you can send gift via text with just a finger touch? Yes, you can surprise your loved recipient with something special from anywhere, anytime with the text cards. 

What’s special about the gift cards?

These virtual tickets are just instantly deliverable. So, if it’s a last-minute gift on Valentine’s Day for your beloved, just a text can save you for sure. Online gifts may get cancelled, delayed or delivered before time, spoiling the big surprise you’d planned. But these smart tickets won’t disappoint you. 

Neither do you have to queue up before a store nor tear your hair over endless redemption process? All your recipient needs is a phone to receive your gift and that too in seconds. 

If you’re new to gifting via text, here’s some information that can come in handy.

Now, just like your digital transactions where your money gets transferred virtually, the gift card can be delivered to your recipient’s phone just as sending a regular text message. Such tokens can be sent via all major mobile network users including AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. 

Well, email gift cards are popular just as their physical prototypes, then why text? If that’s the though playing on your mind, these points may bring some clarity in why the latter option is being recommended. If you cannot decide whether cash or card is a better option, check this out at

They are convenient and secure

Don’t think you would want to contest that statement. It is regarded as a convenient option because it’s easy and can be done from the comfort of your home. Also, sending it digitally nullifies external damage, the hassle of tracking, follow up on the quality of the delivered product, etc. 


Gifting will cost you something but with texting options, you can save on the additional cost of ordering. Moreover, you don’t need to print a receipt or post the card, it is all done digitally. 

A gift physically delivered may not always appeal to the eye of the recipient but with this, you can send instantaneous hugs without having to plan. Be it any occasion, congratulating your office colleague, your college buddy or your Mom on her Birthday, this new era text option can send your wishes across miles. 

You don’t have to worry about whether your chosen vendor delivers to a certain location or not, as all you need is your phone to reach out to anyone in the wink of an eye. Moreover, no special IT skills are required for this. 

Getting started

If it’s the first time you want to send love and good wishes via text, here’s how it works.

The first step is to identify the retailer. And this isn’t difficult at all. There are hundreds of providers that layout a plethora of categories to choose from. Yes, for first timers, it may seem a bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t take long to get a hang of this convenient system. You can always filter your search and check out a list of items on the popular or trending list. 

Once you’ve chosen the retailer and the denomination, you can simply click to send to your chosen recipient. You may have to share some basic information about yourself and the recipient. One important step here is to check and verify the details entered by you to prevent any glitches.

Depending on the options featured by your online vendor and your budget, you can select a specific denomination to procure the card. Correspondingly, you will have to choose the delivery method. 

This means you may have the option to send by text on their mobile phone or simultaneously to his/her email id. For the former option, just entering the recipient’s phone number is enough while in the second case you will have to enter the email id as well. 

Some providers offer free greeting card with the digital ones you pick. You can select the choicest theme which you would like your recipient to view once they receive it. You can personalize as well as schedule your gift in advance as well. Also, the redemption process is simple on most types of these cards. Typically, these can be saved to your recipient’s digital wallets such as well. 

Hop over to this link for more information on how to make the most use of digital cards. 

A smart way to bring a smile to your beloved’s face in this digitally connected world, try texting your gift today!

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