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Why You Should Integrate WordPress and Salesforce in Your Business Today

There are many Internet-based software solutions for businesses. One of these is known as Salesforce. It is the world’s most well-known Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. It helps businesses and organizations improve their relationship and understanding of their customers. By applying this cloud-based software solution, businesses can increase their revenues.

Another software solution based on the Internet for businesses is known as the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). This system helps businesses and organizations to construct and manage websites or online portals.

By using WordPress, a business can significantly increase its online presence and capture more of the Internet market. You can now integrate these systems into one major Internet-based business solution.

A business can integrate WordPress into the Salesforce CRM using free applications. It can also invest money by paying for the premium and more powerful features. As indicated in the Salesforce git, there are a number of free applications that you can use to integrate these systems. Read on to learn about them.


WordPress applications that are compatible with the Salesforce CRM

The WordPress universe is supported by highly skilled and talented developers. Thanks to their expertise, there are applications that can be used to integrate WordPress into Salesforce. Examples of these are the WordPress to Lead and the Gravity Forms. They are both currently available in the WordPress Plug-In online repository. They can be integrated into your Salesforce CRM system so as to increase functionality and achieve business objectives faster and more effectively. They both have some unique features. These are:

  • They can be installed easily
  • They are compatible with the Salesforce environment in the front-end and the back-end
  • You can utilize multiple forms on these applications

The applications help a business to transfer customer information from WordPress to Salesforce. This information can be used to create leads. Examples of this information include:

  1. e-newsletter subscriptions
  2. Online recruits who have volunteered
  3. People who have registered to attend specific events

These applications are available to you for free. They don’t have many fancy features. However, they bring the WordPress experience to the Salesforce CRM and offer basic functionality, for example customizing the order and appearance of information fields in the Salesforce data repository. There are some paid applications that offer more in terms of features. Read on to discover them.

Paid applications

There are some applications that you can buy to integrate these systems together. They offer much more capability than the freely available ones. They include Snap Logic, Click & Pledge FaaS and Zapier. They offer a business more functionality than just the ability to fill out forms and enter WordPress data into Salesforce.


Any interaction that a visitor performs on your website is known as a Webhook. WordPress is able to capture all these interactions. After capturing them, this CMS records the information. This visitor data is very valuable in a Salesforce setting. By investing in these paid applications, a business can convert this information into cases, contacts, opportunities, and leads.

There are literally millions of users on the Internet at any one time. You can have a few hundred visiting your website every day. After harnessing all this WordPress information, a business can leverage it and use it to create better relationships with their customers and even acquire new ones.


Integration between WordPress CMS and the Salesforce CRM is a very powerful tool for a business. WordPress is able to collect substantial information about potential customers and Salesforce can use this information to promote the success of a business. The applications indicated above are definitely good investments.

David Wicks is a professional Salesforce developer. He has more than ten years of experience developing applications in this CRM and posting about it in the Salesforce git. He has had exposure to the WordPress applications and is highly skilled in integrating them into the Salesforce system. His knowledge has been effectively represented in this report.

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