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Do You Rely on Digital Marketing Methods? Don’t Overlook Direct Mail

As today’s media landscape keeps changing, marketers should hurry up and adapt their strategies. There’s an ever-growing number of online platforms and media channels that spread information, which means savvy brands must be open to change to evolve. Way too often, businesses allocate cash to tactics and strategies that follow the most recent trends. From email marketing to social media to native marketing, very few have any time left to look at direct mail marketing.

Ignoring marketing approaches that are older in favor of those that are in trend is a mistake. For a seamless campaign, marketers and savvy business people must implement both to reap great benefits. The best marketing plans are laid-back, and are dispersed across all channels. This way, the customer engagement is increased and people from both online and offline environments can access it.

Direct Mail – the star child of print media marketing

Direct mail was once a fundamental part of the print media scenario. It benefited from unrivaled brand loyalty and success. Even though some things have changed with the advent of technology and the internet, direct mail still rules marketing. Unlike email, direct mail has the power to elicit an increased engagement and response rate. It should be integrated in your campaign, and treated just as well as other advertising methods.

To have a campaign that exudes authenticity, everyone in your team must be on the same page. It is important to work with people that understand and embrace your business model. Organize weekly meetings to keep your team updated with the most recent changes, and let them know about your plans, strategy, and challenges. If you work together, you have the highest chances of settling on the best marketing plan.

Great marketing is all about creating fruitful relationships

It might be tempting to believe that great marketing is all about getting your message out. But it’s equally important to create relationships. Instead of using template emails, it might be better to consider a data-rich strategy that incorporates email, direct mail, and social media. This way you’ll be able to deliver a personalized message that brings value to your target audience.

Exclusive benefits

One of the main reasons people subscribe to newsletters, mail lists and social medical channels is to get a hot deal, discount or freebie. Exclusive benefits are a must when you want to stand out and convert a marketing campaign into a productive business model. The sooner you can anticipate a special offer, the better chances you have to keep potential customers eager to receive your mail.

Digitizing printing efforts

Crafting a campaign that incorporates digital and direct mail will greatly improve your whole marketing strategy. For example, you might want to consider using a QR code to pinpoint customers to a campaign, video or landing page. Traceable links that permit your marketing team to grab user-rich information such as, referrals, demographics, conversions and locations is great for marketing. It will help future campaigns as well, thus help your HR department measure ROI with a lot more precision. Furthermore, your team will know how engaged customers are to your brand and website.


A personalized marketing campaign increases your chances that people will interact with both your content and your products, thus also increasing the response rate of a much-desired call-to-action. Experienced direct mail providers can easily connect to your marketing automation platform via APIs. An excellent example of a custom-made direct mail campaign is coupon delivery to customers before their birthdays. By integrating your strategy into a marketing automation platform, your targeted audience will be easier to reach. The response rate will be higher and your ROI will also spike through.

Before settling on a marketing strategy, it is important to know who your audience is, as well as learn how they best interact with your brand and products. Direct mail is not going anywhere anytime soon. However, the method is adapting. Marketers should consider a seamless approach, meaning they should integrate both digital and direct mail marketing for their campaign to work at its fullest potential. Sending coupons to your customers’ house with mailing house London is a great idea. But it’s equally important to send them emails too. This will boost engagement, make you as a brand and company stand above the crowd.

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Andre Bourque (@SocialMktgFella) is a cannabis industry media influencer, brand executive and advisor, blockchain marketer, and cannabis columnist. He specializes in cannabis industry partnerships, distribution, and funding. He is a ranked social media marketing and content strategist.

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