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Secrets To Creating Social Buzz During and After The Event

Written By: Leila Dorari

No matter what the topic of the event you’re organizing is, you still need for people to actually show up at the event and to be entertained and happy to be there. What’s more, you need the event to be talked about, promoted and shared on the social media, not just after it has happened but before and during its taking place.

Don’t think that it would be enough to just have an interesting content and good reason for organizing the event. You need to learn some secrets that will make people buzz about it before, during and after, and then you can expect your event to be a huge social success.

Before the event

People are always excited when something interesting is about to happen, so use that feeling to promote your event as much as possible.

  1. Event hashtag – you need to make people start talking about your event, so create a hashtag for it. That way, the ones interested in it can communicate among themselves and tweet it. The fact that you can check and keep track of the interest on Twitter analytics is also great. Just pay attention and see how the buzz gets higher the closer your event is!
  2. Choose the right location – it’s not all about the content of your event. The location plays an important part in whether people will actually show up. When deciding on the location, keep your budget in mind and compare different venue packages, as well as the included service. You should also visit the venue at different times of day because you must see how it will look like through your guests’ eyes during the whole event. The meeting room is the most important room in the venue, so make sure it has enough space. Also, try to make a connection between the venue and the event, if possible. If not – just pick a popular place.

During the event

event planning

The biggest number of people posting about an event is during the event. So, this is the best time for you to make a spectacle out of your event. Motivate people to take and post photos while attending and help the ones who are not there keep track of what is happening.

  1. Ensure live stream information -If you have guests making speeches, make sure their key sentences are posted together with the hashtag of your event. You can also create a poll about the event, with previously prepared questions, and appoint someone to deal with the comments, answers, and issues. Another good idea is to ensure live stream video through, for example, Periscope. This way, people who couldn’t make it can still “be there”!
  2. Post on-spot photos – You could install a photo booth on the venue, and photos will appear on Instagram in no time. What’s also fun is taking people behind the stage and letting them make videos and pics with the speakers. The important thing to do before the actual event is to prepare a well-thought media wall because it will appear on all these photos from the event. No matter if a photo is a group shot or a shot of an individual person – the media wall on them will promote the event long after it’s been gone.

After the event

It doesn’t matter that your event is over. People usually talk about it for some time afterward, and you should use that to your advance. Prolong the social buzz a bit more!

  1. Collect impressions – it’s a good idea to share a post-event survey and then share the attendees’ comments, whether they are positive or negative. Share your joy about the positive ones, and thank the critics for the constructive ones. And of course, use the constructive criticism when organizing your next event. If there is any press coverage of your event, share it and express your excitement for being mentioned in the media, you deserved that!
  2. Send newsletter afterward – a nicely organized newsletter for the ones who registered, but failed to show up comes a long way. Include some videos and likable tweets from the event, and they will definitely try to attend your next event. The attendees should receive thanks for being there and posting photos and comments.

All in all

Creating a social buzz about the event you are organizing is all about people having fun while they’re waiting for it to happen, having fun while attending it and chatting about it later. If you make a positive atmosphere around it by using several tricks, be sure your event will be the one everybody is looking forward to!

Author Bio: Leila Dorari is a marketing consultant and a freelance writer from Sydney. She has been working with different companies for 5 years now. When taking a break from making new marketing slogans, she is either window shopping or exploring new ways to make her life more meaningful.

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