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Essential Widgets for Your Blog

Blogs are all about content, but they’re also about engagement.  The longer you can keep your reader on the page, the more invested he / she is in your blog.  Blog widgets help do this by driving complementary content to your blog.

These are what I consider to be the 10 “essential” blog widgets to use for a successful business, analyst, or industry blog.

  1. Facebook Widgets
    Connect your blog or website with your Facebook Account using these powerful widgets.
  2. Currently Online Readers Widget
    A small widget which display how many users are currently online. The widget also indicates which pages are currently being looked at.
  3. Contact Admin Widget
    Let your users stay in touch with you with this contact form.
  4. Post Ratings by Outbrain
    Let your users give your post a star rating from one to five.
  5. Social Bookmarking Widget
    This widget lets your users to easily bookmark your blog posts at the bottom of each post.
  6. PageRank Buttons
    Showoff your blog’s Google PageRank with this small widget.
  7. WordPress Chat
    This plugin will let visitors to your web page chat with you.
  8. Twitter Widget Tools
    A great post containg 502 twitter widget tools, buttons, and icons for Engaging your followers.
  9. PayPal Donation Button
    If you’ve got a loyal reader community that might be willing to sponsor you as a blogger, this would be the way.
  10. Google Buzz Share Button
    Another way to share your content across a great social network.