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Social Media Must-Follows for Hockey Fans [Infographic]

The ways in which sports fans consume their fix of news and score updates differ greatly from even 10 years ago. Where once the only means of following a game live were to go to it or hope that it was on TV, fans can now avail of up to the minute score apps and descriptive Twitter updates from any location with an Internet signal.

If hockey is your sporting passion, then you’ll enjoy this infographic from Tucker Hockey  which recommends a series of excellent social media accounts relating to the sport. It also lists the top 10 NHL teams by social media connections, even if the data below was taken last summer, so there may have been slight changes to the rankings. Still, it’s quite interesting to see which teams best engage with social media, and judging from Tucker Hockey’s research, there is one very clear winner.

Hockey fans, like those of other sports, also love to get rare insights into the off-ice world of major players, and platforms such as Twitter and Instagram offer such insights. The two NHL players with the largest social followings are Alex Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin, and while both may originate from Russia, their fans from English-speaking areas can still enjoy personal glimpses into the lives of these world-class athletes.

Check out the infographic below for a fantastic overview of social media platforms worth following if hockey is your game.


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