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SocialCode’s 6 Ways to Reward Your Brand’s Social Influencers

As published on Social Media Today

Finding Your Social Influencers

SocialCode, a leading social marketing solutions provider, earlier this month announced the release of two new features that help brands reach the most influential Facebook users, or “viral brand accelerants.” By observing the behavior of millions of consumers across thousandsof Facebook pages, the company is able to identify industry-specific segments of active social userscapable of promoting brand content through their networks.

These tools are a natural development for SocialCode, a company known for helping leading global brands identify, engage, and convert audiences into customers and evangelists. After all, the company knows a bit about Facebook, having been selected as one of only 12 companies (out of 300-plus), to be admitted into the social network’s Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program. As a brand, knowing things like how recently someone has acted an influencer, and their rate and reach of influence is the first step to properly using social influence marketing.

Keeping Your Influencers Motivated

Once you know your influencers, and have been educated and guided on how to engage with them, how do you reward them? Laura O’Shaughnessy, CEO of SocialCode offers these six ways to keep your social influencers happy.

1. Show sneak previews of new products to fans, giving them a bit of inside knowledge about your brand.

2. Publish – put fan generated content on the page to let your most loyal customers’ voices be heard.

3. Offers – Coupons and discounts can bemade available to Facebook fans . This gives those who engage the ability to save money on a purchase and has the benefit of being incredibly viral with friends-to-friend sharing driving 3/4ths of redemptions.

4. Contest or sweepstakes – Promoting a product or experience up for grabs gives influencers a chance to win something really special to them.

5. Listen and respond – monitor your page and join the conversation!  Fans will feel much more included if they are part of the conversation rather than talking to no one.

6. Give out tickets to limited- availability events – influencers are more than likely the fans to attend the event and discuss it and your brand on social media.

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