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Spectacular Pokemon GO Ideas For Local Retailers

By: Nicholas Finet

Pokemon GO, a mobile game that recently rocketed to the zenith of Apple and Android app stores in record time, is now setting a challenge to young online companies that specialize in bringing foot traffic for various local brands. In fact, according to a number of industry experts, Pokemon GO may play a crucial role in major brands’ marketing campaigns.

Seemingly, almost everyone to date is playing Pokémon GO. If you have not played it yourself, you have probably heard about it. It is indeed rightful to say that this game developed by Niantic Labs and The Pokémon Company is now radiating an enormous impact on individual’s  daily routines.

Pokémon GO is close to surpassing the number of daily users on Twitter and the average time spent on Facebook by mobile users.

In this post, you will discover magnificent ideas in boosting your local audience’s engagement through Pokémon Go.

Reward Players

It could be easy for a Pokémon Go player to enter into your shop to show you their phone or maybe go online and upload a screen grab. But be reminded that the latter can be faked with a simple photoshop trick. You can give a discount for those who are just players and offer rewards for those who have caught a rare Pokemon.

This will not just make your local audience more engaged with your business; this will also promote your location and your store in general.


Connect And Sponsor

Connect an in-app inventory like bags, pokeballs, and others with retail products. Example, you can let user spend $15 in your store and give him 5$ worth of pokecoins which he can use on in-game items.

You can also sponsor spawns for a legendary Pokemon that are impossible to obtain through normal means.

Be Clever

You can capture gyms near your shop then name the pokémon you store there with URLs, hashtags, and codes that relate to your business.


Offer Free Food And Power Supply

You can offer free food to the Pokémon GO players out on their endeavors and adventures. Also, the app could drain an enormous amount of power on their mobile phones. You can then install charging stations beside or inside your store.

Final Thoughts

This game has been creating a massive explosion, and it seems to have a remarkable impact on anyone’s business. The most viable approach you can execute is to make such impact favorable by embracing the game and making the entire Pokemon GO experience unforgettable for you and your customers.

Author Bio

Nicolas Finet is the co-founder of, an online solutions company based in Belgium that helps all sorts of businesses find the right digital marketing agencies, providing assistance to their digital marketing needs. Follow him on Twitter @nifinet!

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