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Survey: Folks in Georgia Less Likely to Be Embarrassed by Bad #Selfies


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Ah, the “Selfie.” What the Urban Dictionary defines as, “pictures taken of oneself while holding the camera at arms length…usually carried out by girls 12-21.” Oh, but if it were only them; the application is broader.

It’s become the leading way to eliminate all that awkwardness and dissatisfaction of traditional two-person photo taking. Some, like the famous cat selfie, work quite well. But mostly, they don’t. Some are modest, others, not-so-much.

As more people share naked or semi-naked selfies, KS Mobile who makes this cool, free Clean Master Android app, wanted to know how many people lose  these scraps of indiscretion when they lose their phone. Because those “try out” pics you snapped in the yellow, extra-European Speedos? They go with your phone.

So they did a study and produced a list of the top ten US states with the cleanest smartphones. “While many people are taking ‘selfies’ they should consider that if they lose their phone or if it’s stolen, someone can see what you’ve sent,” said Adam Morley, Product Manager of Clean Master. “People need to clean their caches regularly with smart phone tools like Clean Master, and passwords to protect their phones to safeguard their privacy. ”

According to its internal data, Clean Master discovered Georgia boasts the biggest population of smartphone “super users” with the best cleaning habits. A typical “super user” in Georgia will clean their smartphone 2.3 times per week. Following Georgia is California, then Texas. Together, the top three states represent one third (33%) of the American smartphone users with the best cleaning habits of clearing junk files and user history from their mobile devices.

CleanMasterClean Master’s List of Top Ten US States with Cleanest Smartphones:

  3. TEXAS
  8. OHIO

Grubby States, or those ranked with the lowest population of smartphone “super users” with the good cleaning habits, include Wyoming, Delaware, Alaska, North Dakota, and Montana.

KS Mobile offers these four tips to protect themselves from wayward selfies:

  1. Password protect your phone and sensitive data
  2. Regularly clean your phone and cache
  3. Never include your face if you are also showing a body part that would be censored on TV
  4. Ask for confidentiality when sharing since you may be able to use your state’s confidentiality laws to remove a photo that’s been leaked

I admit, i don’t do this, and while I always back up my selfies to a secret place in the cloud, I have other data I don’t care to get in the wrong hands. Morley reminds us, “The bottom line is this: your mom can accidentally pick up your phone and get a rude surprise if you don’t clean it regularly.”

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