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Machine Learning Making Social Media Data Decipherable Without a PhD

As published to SocialMediaToday While social media is vital for delivering stellar marketing and customer service, extracting industry and customer insights is often limited to brand reputation and user sentiment assessment. Until now, identifying intent from human-created data – such as social networks, blogs, news articles and discussions – has required hire a bunch of data scientists […]

Big Data Business Intelligence Case Study

Study: Pentaho Delivers Big Data Integration, Analytics (No Data Scientist Required)

As written for Technorati Business Intelligence for Broad Audiences Big Data is exploding right now, but its complexity and size can make it challenging to harness all of what this information can offer. Pentaho Business Analytics is a data integration and business analytics platform that brings together IT and business users to easily access, integrate, visualize […]

Big Data Business Intelligence Technology Leader Interview

How Did We Get to Be So Analytical? Interview with Wynn White of Birst

Article first written for, and published as How Did We Get to Be So Analytical? Interview with Wynn White, VP of WW Marketing at Birst on Technorati. Business Intelligence Ten or so years ago, the guys who crunched numbers and charted data were easily identifiable by their thick-rimmed glasses and the space they inhabited back behind the […]