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5 Marketing Strategies That Will Double Your Social Followers

Written by: Alex Williams Probably the biggest challenge in today’s world of business and marketing is developing the strategies for building and retaining customer’s loyalty. Every prosperous business has a clear and effective marketing strategy. It will help you identify your customers, understand their needs and wishes, and above all, your marketing strategy will help you […]

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Social Media as a Social Savior: The Benefits for Small Business Owners

Written by: Chad Otar For small business owners, social media is a necessity: It is a convenient, effective – and free – means of establishing an online identity, building a brand, creating a voice (sincere in its message, and strong in its appeal to listeners), and establishing a presence with current or prospective clients. As […]

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Social Media and Promoting Thought Leadership and Holistic Education: Lessons from Pacific Point Academy

Written by: Lewis Fein In my previous column, where I emphasize the merits of using the Web to promote the interests of children with learning challenges or disabilities, consider this piece a sequel to that article: Think of it as an opportunity to highlight, through the many forms of social media, the merits of running a […]

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To Be Healthy, Be Social: A Lesson in Educating and Empowering People of All Ages

By: Bob Caputo Few things are more clear, yet more difficult to achieve, than making the transition to a healthy lifestyle. We know, on the one hand, what to do – including what foods to eat, what types of meals to avoid and what portions to consume – while we nonetheless succumb to various temptations […]

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The Power of WOW: Maximizing the Influence of Social Media

By Pak H. Chau, Founder and CEO of WOW Sports Social media has the power to revolutionize the world of sports, in general, and extreme sports, in particular. It is one of the few mediums with the global reach to expose the talents of, say, skateboarders in Brazil and BMX bikers in Buenos Aires. Social media […]

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How to Maximize Your Content Marketing Strategy Through Your Social Media Channels

By Ryan Buckley The intersection of content marketing and social media is clear at every corner of the internet — from Facebook ads to Pinterest deals to LinkedIn articles. Content marketing is an essential component to every brand’s strategy, while social media channels provide the outlets to amplify a brand’s message. When used correctly, social media […]

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Retiring from Work, Not Social Media: A Primer

By Larry Klein If social media means anything, it is the antithesis of retirement: It does not exist for people to withdraw from conversation, exit a discussion, or refuse to read and share information about vital topics of the day. For current and potential retirees, social media is (or should be) a necessity; a way […]