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The Secrets of #SocialMedia, Revealed [Infographic]

There are very few masters of social media, and those who have begun to understand its intricacies know that once they do, something will change and the game will begin anew. In a world where 61% of Fortune 500 CEOs are lackluster on social media, it’s time for a change. Today that change begins with […]

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Refresh Your #SocialMedia and Branding Taste by Refreshing the Dialogue

By Noah Greenwood How should a business transform itself into a brand? To ask the question is to begin a long but necessary review of marketing, communication, technology and the use (or too often, the misuse) of social media; because the latter is not – and companies should stop trying to make it be – a […]

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4 Reasons Executives Avoid #SocialMedia (and 3 Ways for Them to Embrace It)

Few things have the power to be both the potential joy and bane of a CEO’s existence like social media. As we’ve seen, a single tweet can cause share prices to plummet, while a genuinely empathetic YouTube apology has become a strategic element of saving face in the midst of a PR nightmare. With nearly […]

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Hotel Vandivort’s Public Bathrooms Transform #SocialMedia Selfies

The age of the selfie is here and not going anywhere anytime soon. People, in fact, are getting more creative with their selfies and finding unusual locations to shoot the pics. In Springfield, Missouri, the new, posh Hotel Vandivort has become a unique place to shoot a bathroom selfie – yes, that’s a bathroom selfie […]