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Techy Ways to Improve Your Startup’s Productivity in 2017

The upcoming year offers a perfect opportunity to work hard and increase your startup team’s productivity. Moreover, what better way to do that than using technology? Keep reading to learn more about five tech-centric strategies you shouldn’t overlook during the next year.

1. Make Everyday Tasks Easier

Maybe you’ve provided smartphones to your employees so they don’t have to use their own cell minutes to take work-related calls. If so, consider installing the cool and capable Hound app on each one. Hound responds to speech and helps users make short work of everyday tasks such as navigating to addresses, finding nearby restaurants and checking the weather forecast.

The Hound app could be especially useful if some of your employees often go on business trips and need to know basic details about destinations before arriving. The app can even simplify searching for hotels, which is good news if you want to get great deals but can’t afford to waste time looking for little-known offers.

Hound uses both language understanding and speech recognition technology to give fast, deep results in response to naturally spoken prompts. Not only could the app save your employees time when typing, but also it could assist them by quickly providing insights on topics they need to know about.

2. Work With The Right Kind of Background Noise

If stress is a big problem at your startup, productivity will suffer, and you may even struggle with team member retention. When stress levels climb, a web-based application called Noisli may be just the thing needed to help everyone calm down. It provides soothing colors and background noise to increase focus.

The web app has a built-in timer to help people stay in task-oriented mindsets. It also features a minimalistic text editor that could help them churn out paragraphs — without getting distracted by extraneous features. Noisli is especially helpful if your office has many distractions your staff must ignore.

3. Access Files From Anywhere at Anytime

We live in an increasingly mobile society, and that means your startup may not have a dedicated home base. Instead, you may spend a lot of time on both of the U.S. coasts trying to secure new clients, impress potential partners or promote your products. Business may also require some travel abroad.

No matter how far you’re traveling and where you’re going, it’s essential to be able to retrieve necessary documents in seconds. Otherwise, you’ll waste precious time and cause frustrations to flare.

Lack of access to important information and documents is a huge productivity killer that may lead to mismanagement of information. During 2017, commit your startup to becoming less dependent on paper and figuring out how to streamline document access across your whole organization.

One tool you might use is the Box app. It’s compatible with over 120 file types, and allows authorized people to view and edit files from anywhere and any device. There’s also a feature that allows offline access.

4. Tag Crucially Important Items With TrackR Bravo

Tired of losing equipment your startup can hardly function without? Tag them with a coin-sized tracking device called TrackR Bravo. Then, use the corresponding app to find misplaced items up to 100 feet away.

Rely on other TrackR devices to create a collective cloud of information to find the thing you’ve lost. The app can even issue alert notifications if you’re leaving the premises without a particular item in your possession.

5. Invest in a Smart Coffeemaker

Many employees can hardly get through their day without coffee. You can help them brew beverages faster by purchasing an intelligent coffeemaker.

One option from Mr. Coffee enables users to start the brewing process from their smartphones. Your employees can use an accompanying app to set weekly brewing schedules, so their cups of coffee are ready before they even walk into the break room. Thanks to this kind of technology, workers can stay caffeinated, content and productive.

If some of your employees are always dashing into the office at the last minute because they waited too long to brew their coffee at home, a smart coffeemaker is a good gift idea. The Mr. Coffee model makes it possible to input brewing commands the night before, so people wake up to fresh cups of coffee without the hassle.

These suggestions should get you off to a strong start if you’re searching for high-tech ways to maximize productivity at your startup. Even though technology can sometimes adversely affect productivity, it can also make it flourish.

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