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The Power of Part-time

By Vince Baiera R.N., BSN

I hold a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree from Robert Morris University.  I was not formally trained in Business nor did I work in the business field for the first 6+ years of my career.  It was only when a friend introduced me to a Network Marketing company where I could build a part time income in my spare time and learn the skills necessary it takes to win in business.  There, I learned a lesson that Jim Rohn often spoke about, the Magic of Part-time.  I realized that I was spending much of my spare time watching TV and not really doing much.  If I could use that time to start to work on myself and my business, I could make those hours more productive.


Let’s break it down.

I get that everyone is busy, but come on, can you really not find 10-15 hours a week to start to improve in an aspect of your life you wish was better off?  I thought about how much time I was wasting watching other people on TV, pursuing their dream, instead of putting those hours to use pursuing mine.  When I realized this principle, I did everything my mentor told me to do.  I read, I listened to audiobooks in the car, I spent time each day in thought and continued to map out my dreams and goals.  As I started to devote 40+ hours a month into a business I could build part time, I realized I was making progress.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Making progress doesn’t mean making money immediately.

I started to notice changes in my thoughts and how I was able to assess situations.  I remembered principles that were being flooded into my mind every day that allowed me to handle situations better.  I noticed that my conversations were about different things and I became intrigued when I started noticing changes in my behaviors.  I realized that if I kept this up, things would never be the same for me, and I was good with that.  I started to make it a game, to find more ways to work on myself and my business in my spare time and always try my best to be more productive.  When practiced consistently, it’s something you become better at and find that in your part-time, you can achieve substantial results.

Let’s clarify, full-time is faster than part-time.  If I could afford to quit my job and focus on what I was completely passionate about full-time, I would have had quicker results.  Like most, that was not my good fortune.  So I found ways to make use of hours each day I previously spent on the couch.

The magic of part-time is that you can, in the course of 1-3 years, create something of meaningful value that you are proud of.  Maybe it’s a magnificent garden, newfound painting skills, an app that helps people mow their lawn or a business that allows you to help people all over the world.  The point is, it’s possible if you will buy into the magic of part time.  You don’t have to quit your job to start a venture that makes you happy.  Maybe your goal is to someday go full-time and be your own boss and spend all of your time working on this passion.  If this is your ultimate goal, it’s achievable if you can start to utilize your time better.

I meet a lot of people that tell me they are passionate about something and I’ll ask them, “What are you doing to pursue that dream?”  They will tell me about every excuse that they believe prevents them from making steps towards that dream and I realize they have not learned this principle.

Changes will not happen overnight.  Changes are the result of daily practice of your craft with many failures/mistakes along the way.  Failing small when you’re part-time allows you to map the course of how you can later succeed big when it’s full-time.

Vince has an exciting start-up that brings products to market in the health and wellness space.  You can see his current project or contact him at www.step2rest.com

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