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How Trendy Graphic Designs Can Give You A Competitive Edge on Social Media

Knowing how to ride modern trends is essential for remaining competitive in marketing. When it comes to social media marketing, staying on trend is even more important. Social media is constantly changing and overloaded with information, including marketing materials. As a result, consumers tend to pay the most attention to what’s trendy at any given time.

One of the main aspects of social media marketing that influences and catches the attention of consumers is graphics. Creating and sharing trendy graphic design items can set your business apart and give you the competitive edge in your field.

Here’s how:

Trendy Designs Imply Relevance

Even though many consumers don’t have technical terms or labels for trends while they are in vogue, what makes a trend a trend is a large number of people tending to appreciate, value, or support something for a time. When something is trendy, people know it and recognize it as popular and current.

Since trendiness is linked to current popularity, trendy graphics come across to consumers as relevant. Companies that appear modern and relatable to consumers tend to participate in trends as a result. When creating trendy graphic designs for social media, your business will thus edge out the competition by proving contemporary.

Graphics Play on Instant Gratification

Broad trends like marketing on social media sites or having an online payment platform are important, but they aren’t always noticeable or unique. Your competition probably keeps up with those sorts of general trends too. What makes a trendy graphic design unique is that consumers spot it immediately.

When consumers see a trendy graphic, it immediately catches their attention and instantly gratifies their desire for relevant, exciting media. Your brand is instantly and positively connected in consumers’ minds with being modern and innovative. Just a few trendy graphics and you will seal your place in consumers’ thoughts at relevant for the time being, making design important.

Visual Branding Makes Your Business Recognizable

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Part of competing in the very busy, overloaded market today is making your brand recognizable. That means standing out and developing an instantly obvious visual pattern and trademark. Trendy graphic design meets those needs.

When you create trendy graphics, you can include your logo, color scheme, or other common characteristics to make your brand distinct. As a result, your trendy graphics won’t get lost in the shuffle, and neither will your brand. This will set you over competitors whose graphics are not as clearly branded visually or whose graphics are not on trend. It’s a double edge.

Graphic Design Trends and Marketing Have a Symbiotic Relationship

One of the benefits of the age of the empowered consumer and fast-paced feedback via the web is that marketing and trends have a symbiotic relationship. Trends influence how marketers market and marketers influence what’s trendy. Both ends work together so that business and consumers have more personal, congenial relationships.

Due to this beneficial shift, many of the popular graphic design trends of 2017 are favorable for businesses. Consider the following examples:


An image with slight movement to it, a cinemagraph catches the eye of consumers because of the motion involved. Motion not only attracts consumers, but it can also stir up emotions and be more memorable. Moving graphics also create the illusion of real-time relevance, intriguing and relating to consumers. This graphic design trend benefits consumers because of its appeal and benefits marketing experts because cinemagraphs tend to be simple to create and make an impression without taking too much time.

Bold and Sleek Typography

Currently, graphics with text are popular. Large, bold, stylized, and sleek typography catches attention easily and is considered attractive by consumers. At the same time, marketers love that cool typography is trendy because it means they can use words in images. Since words are the main tool of marketing, typographical graphics allow for clear communication that is still catchy. That’s reason for many marketing designers to celebrate.

Good, Trendy Graphics Can be Affordable

On top of giving you an edge over your competition in effectiveness, creating trendy graphics for social media can give an edge financially. While your competitors are paying big money for marketing teams to reach out online in traditional ways, you can make trendy graphics affordably.

Graphic design trends are often populated and perpetuated by younger designers. They usually have a straightforward pattern. Many can be created using a straightforward software program. Consequently, you can often have graphic designs for social media made by interns, young hires, or even freelancers. Saving money this way allows you to invest in producing more graphics overall.

Keep Up with the Trends

Of course, while trendy graphic design can give you the edge over your social media competition, falling behind on trends can just as easily damage your brand. Keep up with changing trends, annually and throughout each year. Pay attention to what’s popular and adapt for the best success marketing online.

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Andre Bourque (@SocialMktgFella) is a cannabis industry media influencer, brand executive and advisor, blockchain marketer, and cannabis columnist. He specializes in cannabis industry partnerships, distribution, and funding. He is a ranked social media marketing and content strategist.

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