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Using Technology to Make Learning Math Fun

By Tracey Clayton

Are your children struggling with learning? Do they have difficulty grasping the concept of mathematics? Many parents find themselves in a delicate position as they cannot find an interesting way to make their children enthusiastic about learning. This is not something that should discourage you. The trick is to make learning a fun and creative process that your children will take pleasure in. Fortunately, with the constant development of technology and the increased usage of the internet, study fields like math are becoming yet another exciting venture. Before you know it, your child will realize that math can indeed be fun.


If you ask your child whether it wants to watch cartoons or practice math, we all know what the answer would be. But, what if there was a way to combine the two? Educational cartoons are actually a thing and they make the learning process much more interesting to children of all ages. They are specially designed to create an enjoyable atmosphere for learning and to show children that math can also be easy and intriguing. Many of those cartoons implement catchy songs that children enjoy and that are also quite simple to learn.

Educational TV Shows

This is a great way to get your children acquainted with different fields of study and introduce them to some new and fresh content. There are educational TV shows that are aimed especially at children who have difficulty learning. Also, depending on what your child likes, you may propose some historical shows about how math was used in the olden times, or how people use math to discover new, exciting things about the universe, cosmos, etc. The great thing about math is that it is used in every sphere of life, so it is quite easy to find something that your child will enjoy.

Video Games

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Another great tool that has proved to be very effective when it comes to interactive teaching is playing video games. Kids of various ages love spending their time playing video games, so why not make it constructive? Educational online math games deliver an entertaining and safe experience to turn the process of learning into a process of playing. Online games are known to help children develop new skills like logical thinking, problem-solving, calculating, and much more. There is also a lot of other helpful content like educational online books, comics, and similar reading materials that just make this method more appealing.

Make It a Family Activity

Do you find doing taxes and paying bills bothersome? It is pretty similar to what children feel when they have to practice math, but there is a solution for those troubles. This can be an excellent opportunity to incorporate your children in your everyday chores and turn it into a learning process. Present them with a calculator and ask them to help you with your responsibilities. Other than the fact that they will actually learn some basic math, this is a good way to make this a family activity and a bit less tedious for both sides.

Geometry and Shapes

Math is not just about numbers, dividing, and subtracting. Math is a complex science and is comprised of countless different branches. If you wish to help your children grasp the concept of geometry, shapes, size, and figures, make sure to be constructive and innovative. Tablet devices are one of the things that could make this learning experience even more interesting, as they offer countless apps that enable your children to express their creative side, learn new shapes, draw by hand, etc. Another great option is simply introducing them to programs like painting; where they have an immense number of geometrical shapes that they can color, create various pictures, and learn more about this field.

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Math is everywhere around us. We use it in our everyday lives, sometimes without even being aware of it. The trick is to show your children that math is not something to be feared of, it is not something that cannot be mastered and that you do not have to be a scientist to understand it. Math is not just about learning the multiplication table by heart; it is about grasping the way nature works. Show your children that math is like art and that learning is just a way of comprehending it.

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She loves cooking, baking, sewing, spending quality time with her daughters and she’s passionate for writing. She is contributor on High Style Life and her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.” Find her on Facebook.

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