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Verizon’s 5 Steps to Managing Negative Online Forum Comments

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The BlogWell Conference, hosted by is a showcase of how big businesses have success using social media. A lot of these enterprise companies either avoid social media, or don’t have any real success using it. But this week’s BlogWell conference in San Francisco featured eight of the best success stories in enterprise social media.

Verizon uses customer forums as a form of social media to for connecting with the company’s audience. This channel feeds directly into their product development initiatives, as well. Of course, with open forums, you sometimes open yourself for negative product feedback. For Verizon, there are five steps to moderating this type of situation.

Managing Negative Online Forum Comments

    1. Don’t respond to the initial comment. Verizon waits to find out if it’s a lasting opinion.
    2. Respond within the medium. Response within the user forum, not via another tool.
    3. Personalize your response.
    4. Address what steps you took in making your product decision.
    5. Mention positive feedback without being defensive.

The entire transcript of Verizon’s presentation can be found here.

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