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Website Management Got a Whole Lot Easier with Google Tag Manager


Google Tag Manager is becoming more and more popular to use by many website owners and leading SEO companies and experts. With the increase and complexity of tagging that requires updating, it’s no wonder many people tend to be using Google Tag Manager more often these days to help with enhancing their SEO services and PPC management solutions.

Google Tag Manager is a free tool which allows marketers to easily update and add website tags which include, but aren’t limited to, site analytics, conversion tracking, remarketing plus so much more without the need to edit the website code. Sowhat are the benefits you ask?

We’ll cover them now for your convenience.

Major Benefits Of Using Google Tag Manager

Easy To Use

First and foremost, Google Tag Manager is easy to use because it allows you to easily insert a piece of code without the need of your website developer. Google Tag Manager makes it so much easier to really make the changes you need without having to ask your developer to do it for you. You have all the information you need. It also frees up time for your developer to focus on other areas of the website’s development without having to stop and start along the way which streamlines the entire process.

Free To Use

Unlike many other types of tag management systems, Google Tag Manager is free to use for everyone. This is why it’s becoming a more popular choice for many website owners. The freedom of Google Tag Manager allows you to easily manage and update tags and code snippets without having to spend money in the process. This will help to keep your website operational with the changes required while still having money left in the budget.

Event Tracking

For those who want to implement event tracking, Google Tag Manager can do this for you. GTM features an in-built event tracking feature, auto-event tracking, that requires some setup to get started. In implementing event tracking you’ll have the ability to track events based on:

  • Time specifics
  • Link clicks
  • Form submissions
  • Clicks

Other custom events can be created to record things such as scroll depth. This allows you to gain insight into the actions that users are undertaking on your overall website. You’ll be able to see certain links they’re clicking on, the content that’s engaging them, the submission forms they’re completing and more. These events can be used for creating specific business goals in Google Analytics.

Tag Testing Before Publishing

Another great advantage of Google Tag Manager is that it allows you to easily test the tags you’ve chosen before you actually publish them. This is beneficial to all website owners as data accuracy is key when making important, yet small changes. This testing phase ensures the changes you’ve made won’t affect live data until you take the step to publish it.

Increases Site Speed

With the complexity of code that many websites have, it’s no wonder loading times tend to be a lot slower. Many websites eventually find there’s tags that are no longer in use or that are old. With Google Tag Manager you have the advantage of managing all your tags from the dashboard, enabling you to remove or update old tags. This in turn will help to speed up your website greatly without the risk of slow loading times on your pages. This will also increase the user experience when visitors come to your website.

Version Control

When you’re in the testing mode, you may come across a few errors that are beyond your control. GTM is prepared for this eventual outcome by the use of version control. Version control keeps everything organised by rolling back across to the previous version when something goes wrong. It also gives you the ability to implement GTM container installations as it lists the tags you’ve updated in that particular version.


Google Tag Manager really is a helpful free tool that all website and business owners should consider when making changes to your website code. Google Tag Manager can provide website owners with minimal development skills the ability to complete the changes they want in a quick and easy manner.

Big brands like AirBnB, Rail Europe, and Smarter Travel Media are using the tool and reporting impressive results:

  • Better data collection
  • Faster site speed
  • Reduced tag implementation time
  • Greater customer insights


…And you can, too.

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