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Website’s Eleven: Key Elements To A Great Homepage

So, you’ve decided to develop a web project or want to update the current one. Let’s imagine a situation when something like this happens. Every month you buy your favorite toothpaste in an estore you’ve found while surfing the web once. There are dozens of websites selling the same toothpaste. Yet, every time you keep coming back to that same store. Why? What does this estore have that the others don’t? Let me assume the main factors that made you buy this product there, then come back and buy again.

  1. Headline. It is said that you have 3 seconds to catch the attention of an internet user. Don’t make your visitors read long sentences in the header. Make it short, spice it up with something unique and eye-catching.

  2. Calls-to-action. So you’ve won extra seconds and need to activate the browsing process. Call-to-action buttons should welcome your potential client. The best place is right on the slider or below. For example, if you look at the collection of real estate WordPress themes, each template has CTAs. It is impossible to build a business website without throwing a trigger for your sales.

  3. Search box. If your guests know exactly what they need, the presence of a search box will be a crucial moment. Put it at the top on the right. If your creative thinking doesn’t let you be like others, you should be ready to lose clients who could admit that your idea to put a search box somewhere in the middle wasn’t so creative.

  4. High-quality images. You can’t use tactile, gustatory and auditory senses on the web. At least for now. Use visual perception to the fullest! Please, no blurring or stretched images. Respect your visitors’ eye. The background image will be helpful if you want to stand out.

  5. Goodies. Got cool benefits for your clients? Showcase them! They should be neat and brought to the fore. Check out religious WordPress themes with their short but so meaningful appeals.

  6. Testimonials. People are happy with this service, so why am I any different? Ask your loyal clients to give feedback, if their experience was positive. It will help your guests make a choice – to be or not to be.

  7. More calls-to-action. You are close to a win. The visitor scrolls down your site in search of something. And here come other calls-to-actions! I bet you have something more to offer. So, why not put it out there?

  8. Links to a content of another kind. When somebody is surfing around your website, the chance of purchase is very low. But you have to keep the guests interested. Add some links to the relevant content. This can be educational or entertaining resources like blogs or news portals.

  9. Popular items. Suggest top-rated products to your clients. This will save their time and add credibility to the product range you offer.

  10. Vaunt of success. If you have any awards and recognitions, put it forward! Don’t be shy, it hampers the business.

  11. Trick or email. Your website has to include all the possible ways to get the visitor’s email. It can be a newsletter subscription, a free download, a bonus for registration etc. Just like in the most of music WordPress themes with special blocks to download records. If you want to be famous, you need to reach out to your audience!

This is not a full list of “friends”, but agree that a person can’t have too many real friends 😉 The same thing is about a website. Don’t overkill it with features and call-to-action buttons. It will distract from the main points you want your guests to focus on. And remember that you won’t have a second chance for a first impression. So do your best or catch a Pokémon!

About Irene Fatyanova:

Irene Fatyanova is a content writer, working with TechnicalMindsWeb.Com who loves reporting on the latest web design and online marketing trends, WordPress and eCommerce solutions. Apart from writing tech articles, she’s keen on photography and has a couple of cool Photoshop image retouching tricks up her sleeve.

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