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When Gaming Meets the Real World -– Interview with Beintoo CEO, Antonio Tomarchio

Article written for, and published as When Gaming Meets the Real World – Interview with Antonio Tomarchio, CEO of Beintoo on Technorati.

Gamification Meets the Real World


The title of this article was the title of a workshop at last week’s ad:tech conference in San Francisco. The focus of the program was new strategies being used in the mobile advertising space to merge virtual and real-world realities.

When you begin to merge digital activity with real life rewards, is when you’ve entered a whole new realm of gamification. In an interview with Technorati, Antonio Tomarchio, CEO of Beintoo, explained more about this new generation of marketing and how his company is leading the way. “Beintoo is bridging the gap between virtual apps and physical retailers,” Antonio explains. The Beintoo platform offers a marketplace for game and app developers to pair with brand and local advertisers, to offer real-life rewards for activities completed.

Historically, one of the main things stopping marketers from gamification has been fear of the game itself. Pair that with the intricacies of mobile marketing, and it’s even scarier for an old-school brand to embrace. But think about the amount of time game players engage with their favorite games on all sort of platforms, and it’s hard to ignore the high engagement opportunity. It would appear brands have taken note, and Beintoo has been able to encourage some of these early adoptive brands to the new opportunity their mobile ad and app platform provides.

Higher Engagement, Lower Advertiser Costs

The way it all works, mobile device users earn real-world benefits like coupons, exclusive content, and other deals, for time spent in apps and games. It’s not all just about games and the occasional lead for advertisers, either, the platform is able to generate deeper user engagement and higher retention than  other channels. Antonio continues, “We do with lower costs for targeted user acquisition, and producing ad conversion rates that are high above average.”

Encouraged by metrics like these, new publishers keep emerging. Announced just a few days ago, Lumi Mobile, a leading UK mobile platform for audience engagement and consumer insight across devices, announced a partnership with Beintoo. The deal will enable Lumi to bring gamification to its partners’ apps to transform tangible rewards into TV field and market research.

In ad:tech’s “The Rising of G-Economy—When Gaming Meets the Real World” workshop, developers and brand marketers alike were there to learn more about the new opportunity. The room full of marketers was very interested to know how to use mobile apps to increase engagement between brands and users. With a platform reaching 80 million devices and hosting 1.2 million rewardable events daily, Beintoo is one very effective way to go about it.

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