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When Google’s Instant Update Ruins a Perfectly Good #SXSW Outing

Originally published to SocialMediaToday


SXSW Android Style

Don’t be jealous iPhone owners, but when you’re part of the not-so-exclusive Android club, you get exclusive perks. Things you just can’t do with an iPhone that make our Droid-to-real lives so much easier than your mere mortal ones.
Because we have the statistically #2 largest social network tied to our OS, we can have things pre-installed into our phones that you folks would die for. Have something set up on your phone that automatically takes your camera photos and arranges them to share with the world? Sure, maybe you have some variation you have to dig around for in that little app shop, but for us, it’s already set up for us.
Nah neh nah ne na na.
Our Google Android Instant Upload mobile phone feature automatically uploads your photos to an album on Google+. The makers point out, of course, that you can change your Instant Upload settings at any time on your phone, but really, Google wants your content. So when you’re in the really cool Android club, you get emails like this, prompting you to promote content to your otherwise dormant Google Plus page.


This is all fine and great when you have an arguably pathetic social life, like me. When two of your last eight photos are of your cat and you document your eating habits, sharing your content is not so bad. Don’t get me wrong, my phone pics are not valuable to my friends unless they need the press room hours, but there’s nothing to really be embarrassed about, at least.

What happens when you live a more “exciting” life, and you’re at SXSW for the week? And, for whatever reason, you actually use Google+ and have a few “circles” going? I know, a bit of a stretch on the last point.

Android and Google+ are making sure you don’t forget your decisions and amateur documentary work.

SXSW Gone Bad

This can be very bad for some folks.


So you fell asleep in a session, like Justin Beiber just as much, enjoy dancing with shirtless strangers, or just really admire an expression of cat art in fashion? Perfectly alright, just something your friends may not appreciate nearly as much as you do.

Click to share your #SXSWGoneBad example!Google, please give the Image Uploader user more power to selectively choose what we care to relive and share. Something like “Android SXSW Off” available for 2014?

Meanwhile, I’ve launched the Twitter hashtag #SXSWGoneBad so we can all share everything Android wants us to.

^ And you can launch your own hashtag pre-populated Tweet by clicking the graphic above.

And because no one really wants this to begin with, SXSW or not, here’s a good video on how to disable it: How to Stop Instant Download on Android

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