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Why Bespoke Exhibition Stands Are Worth the Time and Money

It’s so difficult to separate yourself from the competition with all the new creative marketing technologies out there. However, in this competitive rat race, it pays for your company to stand out and get noticed. This is especially important at business exhibitions and trade shows, where each exhibition stand is competing with one another.

If your stand doesn’t grab the attention of the attendees, then they’ll keep on walking to your competitor’s booth. However, with inventive and bespoke exhibition stands, you’ll receive a custom built stand that targets your company’s vision and needs.  With that in mind, it’s easy to see why they’ve become more popular this year and that they are beneficial to your business.

Custom built or bespoke exhibition stands have risen in popularity since you have a variety of options such as a full-out exhibition stand, a reusable modular display, or a pop-up banner stand. These types of exhibition stands by Aspect Exhibitions feature the finest quality wood, metal, and plastic products.

  • Traditional Custom stands – These stands are designed by in-house designers using traditional supplies and adding elements like lighting and graphic design to your specifications. A qualified team delivers and sets up your stand at each exhibition so all of the electrical is hooked up properly. While it can be pricey, your stand will be set up correctly and look different than everyone else’s.
  • Modular Stands – These stands are extremely popular because they are both durable and versatile. They are often constructed of strong and affordable metals like aluminium. They are portable and bolt together quickly and easily.
  • Pop-up Stands – These are often referred to as roll up banners because they highlight visual and colourful designs to leave a quick impact. These stands are compact and easy to assemble.

The Benefits of Bespoke Exhibition Stands

  • They are designed with your brand in mind. You can confer to help select the style of design as well as the colours and the lettering.  It’s often best to use the colours and logo of your company business so attendees will associate that design with you. But, there are ways to make your stand distinctive so it stays in their memory long after the event.
  • Custom stands allow your business to stand out and give a good lasting first impression with just the right amount of grabbing information on the actual stand or pop-up banner. In addition, you should provide business cards or informational leaflets.
  • Bespoke exhibition stands can be adapted easily to different layout spaces, depending on what type of stand you’ve acquired. Some of the modular ones are easier to fold up and carry to different events, as you see how it works at each event.

Your possibilities are endless. Depending on your layout space at the show, you can opt for custom exhibition stands that are as tall as the ceiling with state-of the-art lighting or you can choose more adaptable and modular stands that fit in any space.

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Andre Bourque (@SocialMktgFella) is a cannabis industry media influencer, brand executive and advisor, blockchain marketer, and cannabis columnist. He specializes in cannabis industry partnerships, distribution, and funding. He is a ranked social media marketing and content strategist.

2 Replies to “Why Bespoke Exhibition Stands Are Worth the Time and Money

  1. Display Stands are the best way to represent something in front of your audience. Let them know what you are up to. Thanks for telling this important information to all.

  2. The primary objective of exhibition stands is not just to move products or promote services, but to create engaging, immersive experiences that will resonate with visitors a long time after the event. This means focusing on how to generate an emotional connection with people to lock in brand loyalty and to lead to recurring business, and not just one-time sales.

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