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Andre F Bourque

Andre Bourque (@SocialMktgFella) is an expert in brand strategy, product development, and inbound marketing, with a diverse professional background encompassing technology product management, project management, and marketing across various industries. His experience spans B2B and B2C software, technology hardware, in-flight entertainment systems, and the cannabis and psychedelic therapy sectors.


Custom Content

A new concept of showing content in your web page with more interactive way.

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Logo for Ketamine Marketing Pros, displaying a cool, stylized brain design to the left, followed by the text "Ketamine" in bold and "Marketing Pros" below it in lighter text. An arrow pointing to the right is at the far right. The background is white with a blue border on the left.

Be Found. Heal More.

Reach more patients with expert local search, Google Business Profile optimization, and ketamine therapy digital marketing mastery.

The image features a logo with a blue arrow pointing upward and to the right, intersecting with white lines, followed by the text "BECODE" in bold blue letters. Below "BECODE" is the text "Digital Marketing Agency" in smaller black letters, emphasizing its expertise in Inbound Marketing.

Be Found. Sell More.

Experts in inbound and content marketing, social media mastery, SEO, and all things digital marketing. Affordable and measurable.





Text "Oldies But Goldies" is displayed in a retro font with white lettering and black shadowing on an orange background. The design, reminiscent of classic advertising, evokes a vintage aesthetic perfect for inbound marketing campaigns.




The Impetus for this blog was an inspiration one day after reading the book “Inbound Marketing.” Living in San Francisco at the time, the early 2010s were a hayday for innovative and emerging social media platforms and technologies (remember Google+?).

Years later, Social Marketing Fella has risen in authority, still features original thoughts, and most recently, product reviews. Along with some select contributed articles.

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