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Identifying the Most Social Goods and Services in the ‘Sharing Economy’

Since colleges and universities are inherently social communities, consider this column a summation of the issues addressed in my previous article about this essential part of the “Sharing Economy.” For, the question is not one of if but what: It is a query about what goods and services college students will seek to barter or […]

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Why Colleges and Communities Are the Ideal Union for Socializing on #SocialMedia

By Lewis Fein If we want to ensure that words like “community” and “trust” do not become little more than marketing boilerplate, that they shall not become a collection of meaningless letters – for workers to stamp by hand, or for machines to automate within some desolate assembly line – so documents can bear the […]

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Trading with Trust: Social Media and the Sharing Economy

By Lewis Fein If you seek the social activity that best fits the power of social media, look to the past so you may see the future: Look to the timeless practice of bartering, or the rise of the “Sharing Economy,” in which technology allows people the world over to exchange goods and services without […]