The Proper Use of Instagram Bot for Your Instagram Account PR Stunt

Do you remember the day when you created your first Instagram account? What did you think of it? Let me guess, “Wow, I will post my beautiful pictures and people will like them, and me as well, I will follow people and they will follow me back, I will gain a lot of followers and maybe even will be able to make money with time” (in case you are a go-getter). What are your thoughts now? All you managed to succeed in is in getting more disappointment in your abilities, right?

That’s why many people resort to Instagram bots in positive anticipation.

Using Instagram bots as an integral part of your promotion campaign is a controversial issue in the sense of both morality and effectivity. You can buy likes and followers in one click but you definitely can not buy their love and support. Latter-day IG bot has all chances to deny the assertion, the only stumbling block is you and, more precisely, the way you use it.


  • No fake accounts.


Your IG bot must be oriented only on real accounts, people flesh, and blood. Only then you will receive the proper automated administration of your profile. And the desirable effect will waste little time. But if your aim is to get “the number”, go ahead, buy Ghosts.


  • Find a bot that knows what a Targeted Audience is.


You can rectify it so that it will attract not random users to your page, but followers who belong to your TA, in particular, those people who will be interested in your posts who want to buy your goods and services – real like-minded people. For that purpose, fix the various filters like gender, geography, and language of your “personal target”. You can do it by means of tags, location and adding of the list of usernames (point your niche influencers and celebrities, and competitors as well.)


  • Improve your follow/unfollow strategy.


One of the crucial moments of your marketing tactics. You probably have already noticed that IG works under the principle of mutuality. You follow somebody and he/she follows your back. In the result, you get 5000 follower and 5000 followings at best. Therefore, you need to clear up your “followings” betweenwhiles. Otherwise, the usage of IG bots will be too obvious and it will push people away from your profile.


  • Show your real interest to your TA.


Use appropriate tools for that. All you need to do is to true up the auto like and auto-follow tools. On top of that, modern bots enable watching people’s Stories or like their feed and comments. It can become your silver bullet.


  • Tool Direct Messages.


One more secret weapon in your armory in the war against unpopularity. Remember, staying in personal touch with your customers or fans is of critical importance. How can IG bot help here? It will imitate the behavior of a real person, not without your help, of course. You need to write a common pattern of your offer or personal greeting in advance and the tool will send it out to your followers.


  • Schedule your post correctly.


A lot of IG bots do have the function of automated posting. But there would be no rhyme or reason using it if you do not take into account the geography of your TA and the special aspects of Instagram as the best time for posting.


  • And please, for goodness sake, do not use two or more bots simultaneously.


If you really think that it will work out, let me reassure you, you are wrong. The principle “the more, the better” is not for this situation. The suspicious activity of your account would be so evident that you can just block yourself with the same result. Spend a couple of minutes surfing the Net, find the best option for yourself and your wallet. If you can not decide, just try it. Almost every Instagram bot offers a trial period.

You can freely use IG bots as a marketing tool. But its empty-headed usage won’t lead to the boost of your fans, but to the loss of money and your personal or brand reputation. Thus, have in remembrance that proper use of Instagram bot is a code for success!

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Andre Bourque (@SocialMktgFella) is a cannabis industry media influencer, brand executive and advisor, blockchain marketer, and cannabis columnist. He specializes in cannabis industry partnerships, distribution, and funding. He is a ranked social media marketing and content strategist.

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