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The Social Reach of Super Bowl Brands [Infographic]

If the top brands buying ads for this year’s Super Bowl went head-to-head in a Social Bowl, who would win? SHIFT, a collaborative platform for digital marketers, took a closer look to find which brand is the overall champion of social media. Their recent infographic identifies the top brands across tech, beverage, food, and automotive. Each […]
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What a Community Manager Does [Infographic]

January 28th is Community Manager Appreciation Day. Yes, there is such a thing. The idea was kicked-off back in 2010 by web authority, Jeremiah Owyang, and now takes place every 4th Monday of January. The ostensible point to recognize the “behind-the-scenes” influence of online community managers around the world who use content and social media to maintain brands and engage customers. In […]

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6 Tools to Improve Your Inbound Marketing Efforts

Guest Post by Erica Moss Inbound marketing is a specific type of strategy, aimed at positioning your brand, product or service in a way that makes it easy for potential customers to find you. Through the techniques described in What Is Inbound Marketing and Why It Works, you’ve learned how to employ various strategies to put […]

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Death of the Daily Deal? Ozmott’s Patent-Pending Mobile Solution

As written for Technorati In 2008 I was giving a presentation to a group of airline executives in Dubai. My topic? Virtual currency. Back then my talk was met with a whole lot of blank stares and doubters. Perhaps it was before its time, or just a really ugly PowerPoint (you can decide). Today’s virtual currency has gone […]

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CEO Interview: Visual Engagement – The Power of Storyboarding with Storyboard That

Article first published as CEO Interview: Visual Engagement: The Power of Storyboarding with Storyboard That on Technorati. Paraphrasing the Lean Startup mantra – In today’s business world the question isn’t what you can build, but what you should build. Central to knowing what to build is a firm grasp on what problem you want to solve, why […]

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Can Financial Services and Social Media Co-Exist and Succeed?

Tight regulations, high risks, and slow adoption rates have kept most financial services companies in a pickle when it comes to figuring out what to do about social media. Rules around what can be said to whom, when an employee is the voice of the company or the voice of themselves, and other considerations lack clarity. […]