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The Coolest Apps from Car Insurance Companies

Written by: Walter Moore

Every car insurer offers its customers mobile apps that let the customer perform simple tasks like filing claims, paying bills, contact customer service, etc. However, there are quite a few companies that have developed some really innovative apps that will leave many car owners really surprised. A brief look-in:

Apps That Save Money

save-moneyThe Fuelcaster app developed by Esurance helps drivers to choose to fill gas by predicting gas prices. Depending on the ZIP code you enter, you will be advised to wait or fill-up now based on the probability of gas prices moving up or down. The app also displays the prevailing prices at nearby gas stations so that you can choose the cheapest.

The Drivewise app from Allstate tracks the driving style and rewards responsible driving by offering cash backs or discounts on insurance premiums. It also suggests safe driving tips. Available even to non-customers who can redeem the reward points for gift cards, merchandise, etc.

Metromile Street-sweeping alert can be a boon to residents of big cities like Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or San Diego who need to shift their cars ahead of street sweeping. The app uses city-specific information to send alerts 12 hours earlier. You need to have a Metromile car device to use the feature; versions available for both customers and non-customers.

Apps That Reduce Stress

stressed-driverAvailable to all, State Farm Driver Feedback app can distinguish areas of concern like acceleration, braking, and swerving. No plug-in are required – the mobile with the app just needs to be kept stationary in the car so that it can track your movements and offer your tips on safer driving techniques that extend the car’s life.

If you are terrified of being stranded in a remote location, you should definitely have the Allstate Motor Club app. It uses the GPS in your phone to pin down the location of your vehicle and call for help. The app allows you to select the issue you are facing such as fuel, electrical, etc. from the menu, request assistance and even track the people coming to your help. This is a paid app available only to the customers of the company – the cheapest option for the first year costs $52.

The Esurance DriveSafe app is targeted at parents who are concerned about how their teen wards are driving. The plug-in that is connected with the help of telematics tracks how the kids are driving so that parents know exactly what’s happening behind the driving wheel. Detailed instructions are available for the installation process. Parents can customize the app alerts to be alerted only when specific instances of driving mistakes happen, such as speeding or post-curfew use of the car. The app even warns the driver not to use their mobiles while driving with an on-screen banner. The parents can peruse a complete summary of how their kids have been driving for reviewing online. The app is available on iOS and android in all states where the car insurance company does business, with the exception of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

Apps that Save Time


The trip optimization feature of the Metromile app tracks where your vehicle speed varies and the duration of your trips. It is possible by examining the trips over some time to identify which sections are holding you up consistently. Based on this analysis you can make changes to your route. The app is available for both customers and non-customers of Metromile.

Buyers of new cars invariably need to do a lot of legwork during the research process. The CarCapture app from State Farm makes the process a lot easier. You can just click a photo of the back of any car you like and you will be able to immediately access all the information regarding the model, the market value information from Edmunds.com as well as the dealerships carrying the model. The app is free to everybody.

The video appraisal app provided by Esurance allows customers to interact with appraisers after they have filed an insurance claim instead of meeting them personally for damage inspection. The preliminary inspection can be done over your smartphone and allows you to schedule a physical inspection for a more convenient time.

Author bio: Walter Moore is a senior manager at a leading insurance company. Walter heads the department responsible for new digital initiatives like app development. He has authored an article on insurance apps for the auto industry that has been published in the latest edition of a leading auto insurance guide.

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