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How the Rise of the Smartphone Office Can Help Determine Your Career

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Over half (54%) of the UK’s office workers are currently able to work remotely, 30% feeling their productivity improved when away from the office. Unfortunately, this often means taking half the office with you in a quest to work from home, which is where smartphones come in…

With a third of smartphone users listing their small-but-mighty machines as the most important device to get online with it comes as no wonder that mobiles are the next reasonable step toward solo-working. Improved 4G connectivity and processing speeds means that working from your phone needn’t mean slowing down the process. looked to prove how we need little more than our smartphones for working remotely. When loaded with the appropriate apps, the smartphone becomes the ‘mobile office’. But which jobs are the most ‘mobile friendly’?

  1. Stock trading
  2. Promotions
  3. Photojournalism
  4. Independent retail
  5. Language tuition
  6. Taxi driving
  7. Freelance writing

The transferral of taxi driving to a mobile-friendly occupation can be credited to the rise of Uber across many of the nation’s biggest cities. The company’s orders, fares and ratings can be organised from a mobile phone, the only thing the drivers need other than their phone, is their car!

What about the more obscure mobile-friendly jobs? Language tuition is a seemingly personal, interaction-dependent occupation, however, with Skype proving an eternally popular service, native teachers can video call their students with the added benefit of online study tools. Being taught a language by someone native to the country is made easier, as is the learning process. have explored more occupations which benefit from a ‘mobile office’, which you can read more about on site.

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