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5 Hot Information Technology Trends Rocking 2016

By Caroline Kastner

Right across the world millions of people worldwide are using IT technology more and more. With the advancements and evolution of IT technology, any industrial automation company or tech website can now see more and more positive ways to improve their business in the future. This expert guide will give you some of the top 5 hot information technology trends for 2016 that will create new and improved changes to your industry this coming year.

Hot Technology Trends Happening in 2016


wearable-socialmktgfellaWearable devices are set to be a huge deal this coming year with more and more people getting prepared to take up their own wearable devices. These devices are said to become that popular that it’s predicted manufacturers will ship over 111 million devices across the world this coming year. This prediction jump is set much higher than last year’s prediction of 80 million units which were shipped throughout 2015. Some of the more common wearables that are popular include fitness trackers, smartwatches, and technology glasses like Google Glass. With more chances of businesses and employees interacting on a more tech-based level, it’s no wonder many companies are taking on this trend in 2016. Another trend that is said to come on the back of the wearable trend is the development of mobile apps for these devices. It will be interesting to see what the future has in store for wearables.

Protocol Conversion Device Technology

Protocol conversion devices or industrial automation technology is becoming popular this year with the ease of data transfer between devices. This technology is already being fast-tracked across the world and incorporated into many industries because of their ability to diversity to handle multiple applications within industries. The hardware or software is placed into the end user device. The data is wrapped in the second network protocols as the first network protocol headers are removed. The data is sent across and between devices. This helps industries to streamline their network operations which enables for increased system performance.

Adaptive Security

Larger companies are finding their fight against cyber attacks and criminals more and more challenging. However, with the help and popularity of new adaptive security technology, it’s helping to take the pressure off large organizations as it fights back against anticipated cyber-attacks by analysing data and predicting their next move. This IT technology is set to be a large deal in 2016 with many businesses starting to incorporate adaptive security into their overall setup.

The Device Mesh

Referring to the expansion of communication, the device mesh is the way the public to gain information, interact, and access different governments, people, businesses and social communities using different devices. These devices relate to almost anything including automotive devices, sensors, home electronics, mobile devices, environmental devices, and wearables. The device mesh will allow increased cooperative interaction between the different devices and the way they merge, instead of having isolation between devices. With the device mesh already coming together, it’s set to become a big trend this coming year.

Virtual/Augmented Reality

VR-socialmktgfellaAugmented or Virtual Reality technology is set to be a huge trend with the release of AR or VR headsets in 2016. Oculus Rift and Microsoft are major contributors in VR/AR technology devices. When released the sale of these devices could go as high as 12 million units in the first year. Businesses especially are set to gain the most from these devices with the potential to use the headsets for engineering, design work, construction, training, and communications. Microsoft’s HoloLens is also said to become a large contender in this market.


With the overall evolution of technology and the increase in advancements across the years, you can see why many IT trends are starting to take flight. We’ve come a long way in this technology age, and it doesn’t look as if we’ll be stopping anytime soon. Are you excited about any of these trends?

Bio: Caroline Kastner

Caroline Kastner loves anything technology based and enjoys finding new and upcoming technologies to share with the world. She is passionate about being healthy, and enjoys walking along the beach with her son and dog.

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  1. I like the usefulness of wearable tech. A “smarty ring” can alert me with both incoming and outgoing calls, emails and SMS. The device also helps me to locate my phone.

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