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Affiliate Marketing & Dropshipping Training Reviews You Need To Know

Currently, millennials make up almost forty percent of the world population. They dominate the workforce and they are identified as the chief income-generating population of today. It is no surprise that many businesses tailor their products and services to the preferences of the predominant generation (read more).

Take online shopping, for example. Millennials are highly social beings. They embraced online shopping as soon as it hit the internet and influenced both the Gen Zs and Baby Boomers to the venture. As of 2019, there is an average of 1.92 billion online shoppers across the globe. The sales and income of the e-commerce industry are predicted to skyrocket as we enter the next few years.

E-commerce or electronic commerce refers to any transactions made online or on the internet. It describes any kind of transaction through the internet—buying and selling of products and services, paying bills, and making bank transfers.

Since the internet now occupies every part of our lives, the e-commerce business is booming. It continued to grow since its debut in 1994 and projected a total of $27 trillion in global sales last year. Its convenience and versatility made it a successful business industry in the modern world.

Online business is a wide business endeavor and two of its most promising ways to earn is through affiliate marketing and dropshipping.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a business strategy in which an affiliate marketer promotes other people’s products or services and earn a commission if somebody buys the said product. It is a passive way of earning an income without the hassle of actually owning an online store.

You do not have to worry about management, product materials, and shipping. You only need to market the product and gain customers. You can market as many affiliate products as you can from different merchants. Make it attractive and valuable so your audience ends up buying it.

Affiliate marketing is done through several affiliate networks. It is your way of communicating with your merchant and tracking your revenue share with them. Affiliate networks also handle product shipping, payment, and a platform to advertise the product.

There are several platforms available to market an affiliate product. You can create blog reviews, vlog endorsements, or use affiliate networks like Amazon. The hows and whys of affiliate marketing are available on websites like When perusing review websites, just make sure to select sources that you can trust!

What is dropshipping?

Another way of taking advantage of the thriving eCommerce industry is through dropshipping. It is a great way for aspiring entrepreneurs to jump-start their micro-businesses online.

Dropshipping is a method where an online store owner is not responsible for producing, stock, and inventory of the product. The owner gets the product from a third party—a wholesaler, direct supplier, or product manufacturer—sets the product’s price and markets it online. The third-party is responsible for the delivery of the product to the customer.

Dropshipping is similar to affiliate marketing in many ways but they have a stark difference. In affiliate marketing, you only get a commission in the product that you successfully marketed. While in dropshipping, you get to decide how much money you can make. Since you get the product from a direct manufacturer, you can set a high margin to get a substantial profit out of it.

The online business is full of pros and cons. But, it is a great way to earn revenue while slowly navigating the entrepreneur life. Becoming a full-fledged business person does not always require a four-year degree and a diploma. There are online training programs and tutorials for start-up business persons and entrepreneurs interested in affiliate marketing and dropshipping.

Affiliate Marketing Training Reviews

1 Savage Affiliates

Savage affiliates is an online affiliate marketing training program by Franklin Hatchett. The program aims to help people build their online business by doing affiliate marketing. For as low as $297, you will get access to various courses that provide strategies for affiliate marketing beginners.

It teaches you several methods of marketing techniques and monetization methods such as Clickbank, sales funnel training, website building, and driving traffic through optimization.

 2 Udemy

Udemy is a big website that offers over 80,000 online marketing courses that include affiliate marketing training. The program has 28,000 students enrolled. The $19.99 package includes an on-demand video training, 27 downloadable articles, 18 pieces of reading material, and a certificate of completion at the end.

You will learn how to choose the right product to promote, how to promote it and gain money without having to create a website.

Dropshipping Training Reviews

 eCom Elites

eCom Elites is a well-rounded and informative blueprint for entrepreneurs who wants to start an online business by dropshipping. For $197, you will get to enjoy a lengthy 34-hour video of marketing training and strategies. They will provide step-by-step lessons on how to start your entrepreneurial career. You will learn how to create an online storefront, source products, and different ways to gain traffic by using different platforms.

There is also a Facebook group where you can ask your queries and get a real-time answer from experts and fellow entrepreneurs.

 2 eCom Success Academy

One of the pioneers of online dropshipping courses, eCom Success Academy is also the first Shopify-approved dropshipping program. It was built by Adrian Morrison, a hotshot in the eCommerce world and a successful drop shipper.

The training program is filled with comprehensive lessons that cover your marketing bases as well as provide in-depth training on the advertising techniques, especially by using Facebook Advertising. The program comprises eight modules that cover eight important parts of a dropshipping business.

3 eCom Empires

The winning advantage of eCom Empires from other online training programs is that it’s free! Yes, you heard that right.

It was created by Nick Peroni, a successful entrepreneur that has been a speaker for several eCommerce seminars and conferences. The modules cover a thorough content about the basics of drop shipping such as setting up a store, choosing your niche, branding, and online marketing.

It focuses more on Facebook and Google Ads but there bonus lessons like navigating Google Analytics and sales funnels.

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