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The Undeniable Power of Business Attraction

By Vince Baiera R.N., BSN

When I was in high school I played football and after years and years of practice and training, I was lucky enough to receive a full scholarship to play Division I football.  As my high school career grew and I got better and it consumed my thoughts and actions, everything I did was about sports and getting better.  As people saw this, they started to open doors to me that I otherwise may not have seen or been offered.  I would meet people and they would tell they knew an awesome trainer or coach they thought I should meet so they could help me.

Those people were then attracted to work with me because they saw the talent and work ethic.  The law of attraction was working for me without me understanding it.

I didn’t set out with the goal to go get this awesome trainer so he would fix all my problems and make me a great player.  I set out with the goal to get better and doors started to open for me.  The same things happen in your personal life when you work on something your passionate about.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was attracting people to me by the person (or in this case football player) I had become.  The same is true in business.

Fast forward to my current situation, I’ve started my own product development company and work to bring products to market in the $3.4 trillion global health and wellness space.  I find that simply hoping and wishing things will happen is not enough.  I had to take years working on myself and my business to get to a point where I am attracting people to me.


Think about it like this.  In my current day, my thoughts and actions are mostly geared around what I’m working on, my business.  As I work to grow my business, I am now attracting people to me and new opportunities are constantly being presented to me.  I will meet people and once I tell them about the business, they will share an idea or their current role at their job.  They will talk to me about the great marketing skills (or bookkeeping, sales skills, customer service experience, etc) they have and how they use those skills to help their current company.  They will share their insider secrets and helpful hints that add value.  I share ideas with them and through the friendship, we can both find things that help each other.

Does that mean that every person I meet is going to change the course of my life? The answer is…maybe.  The secret is being open to learning from every person that you meet.  Every person you meet has had some experience that by simply learning from, can later help you avoid the mistake later down the road.  Usually, if you take enough time to talk with them and ask better questions, you will find you will get better answers.  As the conversations deepen, they will share more and together, both people will find more ways they are similar.

If people see you’re passionate about something and open to learning, they will be open to helping you.  You then get people who will offer their services or friends as resources to you because they will want to help you.  If you are making the first offer to add value to them, it helps accelerate this process.

More and more of the people you meet and conversations you have will be geared around this thing you are pursuing.  These people are becoming attracted to you by the person you have become, not the thing you want.  The law of attraction is a beautiful thing and can work in your life if you will put the time and effort into the thing/person you want to build/become.

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