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The 10 WordPress Themes That All Digital Signage Websites Have Been Waiting For

Written By: Charlie Brown

Digital signage is the new age of marketing that everyone seems to love and notice. From McDonald’s to Vogue everyone is doing it, and we reckon you have heard about it too.

It is the new mantra of outdoor advertising and if you are looking forward to creating your own signage business you should definitely check out these WordPress themes that will help you dazzle in the dot-com world.

  1. Newszine by OCEANWEB – this is inherently a news website theme that can be easily used as a digital signage website theme. Most digital signage centered on conveying current weather, news alerts, and community updates. This theme is perfect for hosting text, image, and videos that can showcase your ideas and projects perfectly.
  2. Catch Box by Catch Themes – this is a box-shaped, lightweight theme for professionals who love to explore the new. It is ideal for displaying scroll-up text, images, different layouts and templates that are usually niche of all digital signage websites.
  3. SuperMag by Acme themes – this is designed for content websites that rely heavily on high-quality images and videos to convey their purposes. It is ideal for all digital signage websites looking to make a mark in the near future.
  4. EasyMag by Daisy Themes – this is a powerful yet lightweight design meant for news and magazines. It has Bootstrap and a 100 percent responsive design. It is ideal for hosting signage samples, ideas, and templates.
  5. Wiral Lite by Sophy – last updated in October 2016, this light WordPress theme is meant for the ones who would like to venture into the future of outdoor advertising. The lively and powerful theme is ideal for hosting images, text, and videos that works marvelously for attracting new clients.
  6. Synapse by Rohit Tripathi – it is a fast and clean template that can be used by professional marketers for the digital signage endeavors. It’s optimized user interface makes it ideal for high-resolution images, videos, and scores of texts required by digital signage websites.
  7. Tidy by byGMO – this super cool WordPress template makes for a wonderful business theme carved out of sheer simplicity. It has custom menus, galleries and editors to make it more convenient for you client advertisers to select their digital signage templates.
  8. SuperNews by Acme Themes –it is ideal for news and magazines and can be easily extrapolated to cover for digital signage and outdoor advertising specialists who are looking for the perfect online persona. It has custom background options, gallery and photography options and edit-friendly sidebars that make it ideal for creative businesses like digital signage.
  9. Executive by DiverseThemes –this is a theme handcrafted for business websites. The pro version has flexible gallery designs, video embedding options and WooCommerce support that make it a prime choice for ace business owners.
  10. Republic by sandy – it sports a very simple yet powerful design that can be easily coupled with e-commerce features. The easy logo adding and image header options make it a darling of signage businesses.

Digital signage is still a nascent niche that has no dedicated category on WordPress. But we present to you a collection of business templates that most digital signage aficionados and veterans have been relying on in the recent past.

Author Bio: Charlie Brown is a blogger and website design expert who has been helping multiple web designers find the right design at the right time. Charlie has been working with to help the prospering digital signage businesses find their foothold online

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