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Integration Inspiration: Blending Print and Digital for Better #ROI

By Spencer Douglas

Digital marketing techniques are understandably an integral part of many sales and marketing strategies these days, but if you are looking to improve your ROI, a blend of the old and the new could prove inspirational.

Creating a marketing campaign, using direct mailing, with the assistance of label and stamp affixers to get the job done quickly, combined with simultaneous social media strategy, is just one example of integration between traditional and digital marketing techniques.

Here is a look at how you can blend the two and achieve seamless integration.

A streamlined campaign

What you are ultimately trying to achieve is a way to allow your customers to interact with your brand in any way that they feel comfortable with, which means combining new and traditional mediums in order to maximize your potential returns.

The starting point when creating a marketing strategy would be to identify the specific mediums that you wish to use and are suited to your type of business.

A multi-faceted campaign has an excellent chance of delivering good sales results and growth, provided you find the right ways of engaging with your customer. For example, look at combining social media, with direct mailing and in-store promotions with mobile messaging, so that your customer finds a way to interact with you that they enjoy and embrace.

Understanding consumer behavior

A convincing argument can be constructed in favor of combining traditional with digital marketing methods, when you consider how easy it can be for marketers to overestimate the attraction of new mediums.

Many consumers are often not as excited and persuaded by change than many marketing departments tend to believe.

It is important that you don’t make the mistake of underestimating the power of traditional consumer behavior, so dismissing direct mailing and leaflets and consigning these marketing methods to history, could easily turn out to be a costly mistake.

Marketing does not really change as much as it is perceived to do. There is no question that social media platforms like Facebook have proved to be the backbone to some successful marketing campaigns, but why not get the best of both worlds and stay in tune with consumer behavior by giving them a combination of the old with the new.

The power of direct mail

When you consider that a percentage of companies have actually abandoned direct mail as a strategy and now focus their efforts to attract and interact with customers exclusively online, this can be viewed as an opportunity rather than a hint that you should do the same.

There is still something powerful and almost unique about receiving a message directly addressed to you, with an offer or content that reflects your interests and preferences.

Using direct mail where others might have dismissed it as too old-fashioned in a digital age, actually allows you to stand out from the crowd. It can also be a very powerful tool, when you consider that it allows you to get your message heard and seen directly by your target audience, which is not something that is so easy to achieve amongst the chatter of social media.

Consider a blend of traditional and digital marketing methods, as it could easily have a positive impact on your ROI.

Spencer Douglas works in marketing as an account manager. He enjoys working with social media as well as the old-school methods of print marketing and educating clients on the pro’s and con’s of each which he also covers in his articles.

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