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Interview with Marketfish CEO, Dave Scott

Article first written for, and published as ad:tech San Francisco: Exclusive Interview with Marketfish CEO, Dave Scott on Technorati.


Email Marketing

Marketfish is an online market place for permission-based marketing files. Think eBay, for email marketing. Boasting a half a million records covering 80% of all Americans, the company is a goldmine for both B2B and B2C audience data for an email or postal campaign. Marketers are able to search through system, get real time counts, and the list owner or publisher sends emails on your behalf, with results are tracked in real-time. Speaking with Marketfish CEO, Dave Scott, Technorati got a sneak peek at two new features being announced at ad:tech San Francisco April 3rd.

Marketfish Customer Insights is a new feature that gives marketers the power to further focus their marketing efforts by filtering target audience demographic, economic and other parameters, but to do so automatically in the campaign development process. The company advertises “Build a campaign in 30 minutes,” and this product feature is designed to deliver on that promise.

 Marketfish Demographic Reports, the second product enhancement, delivers information on a campaign’s open and click-through rates, adding demographic and psychographic profile information about the campaign’s recipients. AARP was able to use this buying and engagement data to establish that email targets aged 50-60 years old and with less retirement income were most interested in their recent offer. That information allowed the organization to modify its campaign on the fly, ultimately doubling their conversion rate.

Intelligent Marketing Solutions

As today’s CMOs are required to get more and more technical in their ability to use tools that prove ROI, Dave says “Marketfish delivers the tools for intelligent marketing solutions.” Built-in features like the pre-campaign ROI estimator and in-campaign ROI calculator help marketers gauge where to spend. On the whole, the company reports an average cost per click (CPC) with a Marketfish campaign is $10.15 versus a comparable Google Adwords campaign at $32.

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