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Cyber Monday Tips: Social Media Techniques to Increase Your eCommerce Success

Every single holiday is an opportunity for small businesses to boost their marketing efforts. Some of these holidays are New Year’s, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Halloween. However, if you are an e-commerce merchant, you might want to consider adding Cyber Monday in those holidays.

Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving. Considered as one of the biggest shopping days, which makes sense that you should host Cyber Monday and create different deals and discounts for your customers to get more site traffic and generate profit.

Cyber Monday is approaching fast, so you need to create a social media strategy for this. With that, there are also different techniques for social media you can incorporate into your plan.

Tease Your Audience


Since your audience is already thinking about the holiday season, you need to reinforce it. Customers are all thinking of shopping and deals & discount they can get from different e-commerce stores. You might want to start hyping up for Cyber Monday by producing different visual content. In this way, you can make your audience excited for Monday, and at the same time, you are promoting your brand amidst all the excitement.

Another benefit of this is that besides from building up your current customer’s interests, you can also reach potential customers and make them even interested in Cyber Monday. Also, you can make the promotional materials given out little details so that you can have control over the tease to your audiences.

Engage with your Audience

While teasing your audience, it is good to pair it with engagement with your audiences. For example, you can engage by replying to share posts of your customers and audiences by acknowledging their interest and inviting them to participate in your different stints on Cyber Monday.

Another way is to send an email your customers with a newsletter that contains every detail on Cyber Monday, or it may be anything as long as it should tease or display some specials you are doing on Cyber Monday, and what’s important is that it should elicit engagements with your audience. Your email can also be in the form of reminding them about Cyber Monday; this can help your brand awareness and visibility while Cyber Monday is starting.

Do a Limited Giveaway on Social Media

Doing limited giveaways can generate a quick hype for your business. It can also give an immediate boost to your sales and leads. Just make sure that the contests you will formulate should draw attention to your audience and potential customers.

Make your contest very urgent as it can motivate your audience reach to join the game as early as possible. This is why many games are running for a specific period to elicit more sense of urgency from the customers and enter the contest, which will help the brand’s social media account for the duration of the contest.

Another thing you can focus on giving limited giveaways is making it scarce and free. It increases the value of the contest because of the prize. Also, would it be fascinating to join a contest that has an award given away for free and not spending a single buck?

Lastly, viral contests can easily give you targeted customers for your social media accounts for a lower price. The only thing you need to spend is the prize, and the advertising spends if you will not settle for organic reach and engagements.

Proper Use of Call-To-Action Texts

Call-to-actions should be utilized in the right way to get the best reactions and response from your audiences. First, your CTA should be creatively made but not too much complicated. For texts, it should be persuasive and straightforward, at the same time. You might want to consider your audiences’ languages and dialects used in their daily lives.

What makes a copy useful and actionable is whenever the copy is made into perfection and with regards to the audiences. Start using active verbs in the text and include your users in the copy by angling it in the first-person. For example, “avail your own account” is better than “start account.”

Get Your eCommerce Store Prepared

When all of your promotions are set for Cyber Monday, you would also need to ensure your store is ready for the big day. Make sure that your design elements are all functional and consistent in your site. It is also an excellent time to put an instructional video on how to purchase a product or service on your website. Another thing to look at are the links of the page, ensure that all links are working and directing to the desired page.

Lastly, optimize your store for all kinds of devices, especially on mobile to avoid the losses from the mobile community.

With all of these techniques, you can ensure the seamless flow of your Cyber Monday and the visibility your brand deserves.

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Andre Bourque (@SocialMktgFella) is a cannabis industry media influencer, brand executive and advisor, blockchain marketer, and cannabis columnist. He specializes in cannabis industry partnerships, distribution, and funding. He is a ranked social media marketing and content strategist.

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